Best Buy 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System F&D 520

2.1 multimedia speaker system

                                                   Sometime back I wrote a review on the best buy 5.1 Bluetooth multimedia speakers from F&D. And that still holds true, as best budget 5.1 speakers. Today I am writing a short review, as a best buy product from (again) F&D. A 2.1 multimedia speaker system for your desktop or laptop. […]

7 Basic Tips Every Android Users Should Know

best free android apps

  Did you recently got a new Android smartphone or tablet? Or you already own one. Whatever! may be the case, would you like to get the maximum from your Android ? I am sharing some of my favorite tips,tricks and Apps. 7 basic tips every Android user should know. From changing wallpaper’s to securing […]

3 Best Author Bio Box Plugin for WordPress

Over the years, author bio box plugin for WordPress have become quite popular. And rightly so. Imagine a nicely written blog post without a Author description. It would appear like a automated article. Having a Author Bio box, immediately after a post content, helps the author to communicate with the readers. Bloggers around the world have […]

Better WordPress Minify ! Best WordPress Minify Plugin

  Every webmasters wants their site to load fast. Reason ? because a fast loading site makes visitors and search engines happy. Word Press by itself is lightweight and is optimized for speed. But when we install plugins and themes, performance can suffer a lot, making your site slow. I have been using WP minify […]

How To Disable Startup Programs In Windows 8

  To Disable a startup program in previous versions of windows was faster by disabling startup programs with the task manager. We can still do it in windows 8.1, in two different ways and make windows 8.x boot faster. The task manager in windows 7 onwards has been revamped, and to disable startup programs in […]