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digital camera

Top 5 Best Digital Camera Under 15K

Smartphones cameras slowly but steadily, taking over Digital camera. But the built in cameras of smartphones are not dedicated cameras, so the quality will not be at par with the dedicated Digital cameras. Todays Digital...

Google chrome for mac

Google Chrome For Mac Free Download

  Google Chrome has been and still the most popular web browser, because of its minimalistic design and availability across multiple platforms. Google chrome combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology for faster and safer...

Android Video Player

Top 5 Android Video Player Of All Time

Top 5 Android Video Player Of All Time.Default Android video player is good for casual videos,but terrible when it comes to HD,MKV,FLV formats.MX player,Mobo player best for android device


Top 4 HD Video Player for Windows

Video files comes in a lot of formats, and sometimes its not easy to find the right Media player that can handle/play all your Media files. With the advent of High-Definition videos, it is difficult...