How To Know Its Time To Replace Laptop Battery

replace laptop battery

  All batteries eventually die, that includes Laptop battery too. No matter how well you may take care, your laptop battery will eventually die. Its always good to follow the golden rules to maintain laptop battery. To many it may seem Laptop battery dies suddenly. But its not, windows usually warns you when your laptop […]

How To Add Custom Thumbnail For YouTube Videos

custom thumbnail for youtube videos

  As featured images are important for your blog posts, similarly a custom thumbnail is important for YouTube videos that you upload. A custom thumbnail for your YouTube videos, can encourage to click and watch. As custom thumbnail for YouTube videos shows the exact content of the video to the visitors. Recently only I have […]

Top 5 Best Battery Backup Phone Under Rs 12000

best battery backup phone

  With improvement of technology, smartphones are becoming smarter. But at the cost of battery. Even if you have the best smartphone, what good it is, if its battery can not last a whole day ? Here is a list of Top 5 best Battery Backup Phone, which won’t cost you a fortune. You might […]

How to Recover deleted photos from Memory card


  Have you accidentally deleted photos or accidentally formatted Memory Card? Don’t panic you can recover deleted photos from Memory Card or any other type of SD card. Memory cards works similar way like computer Hard disk do. Just like lost data from Hard disk can be restored.   Some high end Cameras may have the […]

How To Embed YouTube Video In Blog Post

embed youtube video

  If a picture is worth a thousand words, A video is worth a million ! A 2 minute video can speak more than a 1500 words article. Visual presentation with graphics, can explain things much better than thousands of words. No matter how nicely the article is written. This is more important if you […]