How To Hide Your Online Status On Facebook Chat

How to hide your online status on Facebook ? Now for Gods sake, why should you want to hide your online status on Facebook chat box ! Reasons could be many. For example, you may not want to be seen as “online” as (Facebook chat form shows a green light, when you are online), to […]

How do you put Your laptop into hibernation Automatically

laptop into hibernation

 (updated) How to make your laptop go into hibernation mode automatically  after closing the Lid. You may have such situation, when you just need to close the Lid of your Laptop and go. If you did not configure your laptop what to do when you close the Lid. There is every chance that you may loss what […]

How To Verify Ownership Of Website With Google

Verify Ownership Of Website With Google

If you own a Blog or a website, and have not verified the ownership with Google webmasters tool. Than here is a step by step guide. The easiest way to verify ownership of website with Google Webmasters tool. Why To Verify Ownership Of Website With Google? Although it is not a must to verify ownership […]

How To Normalize MP3 Files Volume


     How to Normalize MP3 files Volume, so all music plays at the same volume.  Are you tired of reaching for the volume Knob every time your mp3 player changes to a new song ? MP3 gain is a MP3 file normalizer, free software which analyses and adjusts the volume of MP3 files so that […]

Best Settings For Camstudio For HD Recording

best settings for camstudio

Camstudio is a open source screen recording software. Its completely free for personal use. It can record any screen activity, full screen or user defined regions of the screen. It can also record audio either from a attached Microphone or from the built in systems speaker. Free screen recording software like Camstudio, have become quite […]