How To Find Lost or Stolen Android Phone

Find Lost or Stolen Android Phone

How to find lost or stolen Android phone or tablet ? Have you ever lost, I mean misplaced your Android phone, without any tracking app installed on it? If yes ! than you need to read this. Not only for lost Android phones and tablets but also if your Android device gets stolen. I know […]

Tip To Remove The Yellow Background From Google AdSense

Remove The Yellow Background From Google AdSense

How to remove the yellow background from Google AdSense, just before it loads ? If you are displaying Google AdSense on your blog or website, you must have observed the light yellow color background that shows up just before AdSense loads. Since Google AdSense codes are asynchronous, it doesn’t load when your page content is […]

How to Trace Mobile Number Owner name and Location

 There are many apps and websites for tracing Mobile number location and owner name. But I have found, this one site, as the best, to trace any Mobile number owner name and Location. Very accurate and has the largest number, about 1.6 billion Mobile number’s listed in its database world wide.. Of all the technological […]

How To Free Up iPhone Memory And Disk Space

Free Up iPhone Memory And Disk Space

  Here is a cool and very useful iPhone app. Memory and Disk scanner Pro. This App checks your system information, scans and automatically delete/ clean junk files and Free up iPhone Memory and Disk Space. Like our computers, smartphones also accumulates a lot of junk files like, temporary files, duplicate photos, orphans files left […]

How To Customize Your LinkedIn Public Profile URL

customize your linkedin public profile url

LinkedIn is a on-line professional directory of individuals and companies. While LinkedIn is a good tool for networking, yet it doesn’t offer you a simple easy to remember Profile URL. Nor does it offer a  straight forward way to customize your LinkedIn public profile URL. LinkedIn default profile URL looks something like this.. As you […]