Windows Registry ! Should You Care About It ?

windows registry

  The windows registry ! what about it ? Should we care about it ? Lets have a look at this windows registry. “ The registry is a database in Windows that contains important information about system hardware, installed programs and settings, and profiles of each of the user accounts on your computer. Windows continually […]

What Is Windows Firewall ! Why You Should Install One

windows firewall

What is Windows FIREWALL ?   Do you really require to install a firewall software, on your system? How does it protect your computer ? These are some of the questions, many home users asked me. Well there is no shortcut answer to it. So lets try to explore and understand, what is windows Firewall, and […]

Wireless Router Problems ! How to Troubleshoot

wireless router problems

  Wireless routers have become very common in every home and offices, to share internet connections. Are you having problems with wireless router, for your internet connection or Wi-Fi ? Like weak Wi-Fi signal (which was strong before). internet connections randomly disconnects and reconnects or even no internet access at all. What ever may be the […]

Extract And Download YouTube Video In Mp3 Format

  YouTube , Vimeo and Facebook are popular video sharing sites. You can download video from YouTube and save it, to view later. But did you ever wanted to just Download YouTube Video In Mp3 Format, your favorite YouTube music video ? Audio in MP3 format, so that you could play it in your MP3 player. […]

How To use System Restore In Windows 8

WHAT IS SYSTEM RESTORE: System Restore is a recovery feature in Windows. This feature allows you to restore your computer to a previous state. This is a very useful feature, if your computer functions poorly or crashes, has become slow, and you don’t know the reason. To resolve these problems, you can use System Restore […]