Increase The Range Of Wireless Router With Second Router

increase the range of wireless router

If you have established a local area network at home for sharing Internet connection. A single wireless router may not reach certain areas of your home. Walls and various obstructions like a book shelf, may interfere with the wireless signal. You can easily increase the range of wireless router network with a repeater or a wireless access points. But there is a very simple way to increase the range of wireless router (your existing router) with a second router. So that every room and corner of your house is covered. A SECOND ROUTER TO INCREASE THE RANGE OF WIRELESS ROUTER: For the sake of understanding, lets name the main Router …

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Best Free Software For Windows PC

The Best Software, doesn’t necessarily be a paid one. You can save a lot of your hard cash by using open source FREE software. There are plenty of FREE software for windows in almost all Categories on the web that you can download and use. These free software are as good as the paid ones (if not better) and does your job free of cost. All you have to do is to search the net and find the best suited for you. Most of us are either too lazy or don’t have the time to do that. So here are the list of some top free software for windows system with …

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Convert Photo To Pencil Art In Photoshop

Convert Photo To Pencil Art

  Would you like to convert your photos to beautiful realistic pencil art ? Don’t worry, you you don’t need artistic talent to do that. Nor do you need a third party software to convert photos to pencil art. This is a very simple easy to follow Photoshop tutorial. Follow these steps, and you will be surprised how easy it is to convert photo to pencil art, in Photoshop. This is what we will achieve at the end of this tutorial.   HOW TO CONVERT PHOTO TO PENCIL ART IN PHOTOSHOP: TIP: Choose a good quality head shot photo. You can use your own photo or download one from any …

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Cut Out Text Effect in Photoshop

Cut Out Text Effect

  Lets make a cut out text effect in Photoshop. A very simple easy to follow Photoshop tutorial. End result is a very interesting cut out text effect, which you can use as a logo or anything you can think of. This is what we are going to achieve at the end of this tutorial. – Open a new transparent document in Photoshop – Choose any color (should not be dark color) and use the paint bucket tool to fill the document. I used #dfc184 – Now press Ctrl+J on the keyboard to duplicate the layer. – Choose the type tool and choose the same color for the Text as …

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Free Stock Photo Sites For Bloggers And Web Designers

free stock photo sites

We have listed here top 10 free stock photo sites for bloggers and web designers. Make your site appealing and have an impact on your visitors. Whether you are a blogger or a web designer, you can always use these free stock photos to design your site. Besides you can use these photos for any purpose, you can think of. So Here is the list of top 10 free stock photo sites: 1. STOCK.XCHNG: This one site will remain on top of my list. This is one of the leading source of free stock photos. It has a huge collection of every categories of photos, you can think of. One …

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