Which is more Important:CPU Speed or Memory


Which is more Important, CPU speed or memory ? A very common question, I’ve been asked several times. Many out there (specially home users) will have this question. which is more important, speed of the Processor or the amount of Memory in your PC. This is a very difficult question to answer in a lay man’s […]

Hide My IP – The Best VPN Software

Hide My IP

I.P address, short form for “ Internet protocol”. A Unique string of numbers separated by full stops that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over the Internet or network. It is your computer address / identity (in short) Conceal your identity on the Internet. Surf anonymously so hackers can not monitor or […]

WonderFox Back to School Giveaway Video Converter & Document manager


                  WonderFox Software company, launches the 2015 Back to School Giveaway to brighten up a whole new school season in advance. Products worth $49.90 (Video Converter + Document Manager) software pack, is the two main Giveaway products. Giveaway 1: Video Converter Factory Pro Giveaway:              An almighty video converter software provided by Wonderfox Soft. […]

How To Remove New Folder.exe Virus

Remove New Folder.exe Virus

  How to remove New folder.exe virus from pen drive or local drive. New folder.exe is a serious virus infection, with some very unusual effects. No matter how you may try to remove with your installed Anti virus software to remove it, delete the folder, it keeps coming back. Infection with new folder.exe virus is […]

Android App To Check Blood Pressure And Pulse Rate

Android App To Check Blood Pressure And Pulse Rate

Never thought there will be such an Android app to check blood pressure and pulse rate, on your smart phone. But there are quite a few android apps, which can measure your blood pressure and pulse rate. If you are hypertensive (persons with high blood pressure) and don’t have the time to visit your doctor. […]