5 Hidden Facebook Features You Did not Know

facebook features

                  Facebook, the largest and fastest growing Social network site, established just about a decade ago. Many of us use it just as it is, sharing thoughts and photos. Without realizing that there are quite a few hidden Facebook  features, some for your own security too. Here is a list of 5 Hidden Facebook […]

Extract Audio From Video With Windows Movie Maker

extract audio from video

  A video is almost always accompanied with audio (unless it’s a silent movie). However sometimes you may want to extract audio from video for personal use. For example extracting the audio from a YouTube video. Have you ever thought Windows movie maker can do that ? For many years I overlooked this wonderful tool […]

Tips for Best Google AdSense Placement


Starting a Blog and setting up Google AdSense is the dream for many (if not all) bloggers, this holds true specially so for the beginner’s. Google AdSense Ads is the best way to monetize your Blog. But first you have to get your site approved for Google AdSense. You may like to read this first […]

A Guide On How To Choose A New Cellphone

how to choose a new cellphone

                 There is no such thing as “This time of the year is the best time to buy a new Cellphone”. But FESTIVE TIME (any festive) is definitely a good time to choose a new Cellphone. Why ? Because this is time when manufacturers releases the latest models. Just in time for the holiday […]

5 Cool Tips about VLC player You didn’t Know


             TIPS ABOUT VLC PLAYER: When we talk about VLC media player, the only thing that comes to our mind that it’s a Video player. Can’t blame anyone for this. VLC is a cross-platform versatile media player that does one thing well : attempts to play just about every format you throw at it. Here […]