Best Buy Budget Smartphones Under 10K

budget smartphones under 10k

If you have a tight budget or aren’t looking to invest more than Rs. 10,000 on a smartphone, here are the best options in the price range for you. We at TNF have narrowed down to three best buy budget smartphones under Rs.10,000. Not satisfied ? we have also listed other budget smartphones under Rs. […]

Which USB Flash Drive Is Best For Windows Readyboost

windows readyboost

           If you are on Windows 7, you can speed up windows considerably with windows built in feature called Windows Readyboost. We have written a detailed post on what is Windows Readyboost, and how to setup and speedup windows. I suggest you read this post first and come back for the rest of this […]

Best Buy 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System F&D 520

2.1 multimedia speaker system

                                              Sometime back I wrote a review on the best buy 5.1 Bluetooth multimedia speakers from F&D. And that still holds true, as best budget 5.1 speakers. Today I am writing a short review, as a best buy product from (again) F&D. A 2.1 multimedia speaker system for your desktop or laptop. Incredibly […]

7 Basic Tips Every Android Users Should Know

best free android apps

  Did you recently got a new Android smartphone or tablet? Or you already own one. Whatever! may be the case, would you like to get the maximum from your Android ? I am sharing some of my favorite tips,tricks and Apps. 7 basic tips every Android user should know. From changing wallpaper’s to securing […]