How To Remove Magnets From Hard Drive

magnets from hard drive

                   Do you have any dead Hard disk from old computer? I am sure you do have. Did you know Hard disks have a pair of very strong Earth magnets, known as NEODYMIUM magnets. These are rare earth magnets. Unfortunately these hard drive magnets are fixed on a metal plate and placed firmly inside […]

Speed up Internet Use Google DNS For Faster Internet

google dns for faster internet

Just a few days back I wrote an article on how to Increase Airtel 3G Speed.A tweak that’s 100% working. But changing to Google public DNS was way faster that Airtel default DNS. Google has already launched their very own public DNS servers called “Google Public DNS”. DNS stands for (Domain Name system). Google’s DNS […]

Why Airtel 3G Dongle Giving 2G Speed

airtel 3g

Mobile Internet has now completely overtaken the fixed line Internet connection. For eg. Fixed line Internet connection like DSL,ADSL connections through phone lines, and other fiber optic connections. Mobile internet connection through SIM card has now become the most common and preferred connection. Of the most common Mobile internet service provider like Aircel, BSNL, Vodafone, […]

How To Charge Phone Battery Faster

charge phone battery faster

  You may have faced this situation when your phone battery is down to 20% and you just don’t have time to charge it. Last night you did plug the phone on the AC outlet for charging, and in the morning you find, you didn’t switch on the AC outlet. So your phone didn’t charge […]

Speed Up Your WordPress Site- Save Images Optimized For Web

Images Optimized For Web

  Do you have a Blog or own a Website? Obviously you must be uploading images to your site. Many experienced bloggers will tell you that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. But they will not tell you that you must optimize images before you upload to your site. So the pertinent question is […]