10 Killer Tips To Save Laptop Battery Life

10 Killer Tips To Save Laptop Battery Life

tips to save laptop battery life


Laptops and notebooks have slowly overtaken the Desktop Computers. They are becoming a mass market commodity both as a Personal computer and also in the corporate world. Leaving aside the hardware configurations the primary concern for any Laptop owner is the Laptop Battery life and its operating time. The life span of a Laptop Battery life and its operating time depends largely on the usage pattern.

However, here are some Quick TIPS TO SAVE LAPTOP BATTERY LIFE:


1. Screen brightness:

      Without a doubt this is one factor that has the most impact on your laptop battery life . When running on battery power reduce the screen brightness to 40 percent. Which is quite sufficient and usable for most tasks. This will definitely give you a lot more time from the battery. In windows you can right click on the battery icon on the system tray and adjust the screen brightness easily under the power options menu. Better still have a customized power plan for on Battery power mode and on AC power mode and save it. Windows will automatically switch over to power saving mode when on battery mode.  

2. Laptop Battery Lifespan:

              Lifespan of a Li-ion battery found in most of Laptops are determined by the number of “Charge Cycles” that a battery goes through. Most Li-Ion batteries potentially has a life span of 500 to 512 charge cycles. So once the battery is fully charged do not keep it plugged on to the power source. Let the battery drain down to 30% before recharging. Remember every charge cycles counts on the laptop battery life span. Avoid repeated charging of the Battery. 

3. Don’t forget to take out the Disk from Optical drive:

      Many users tend to ignore or forget this. Whenever you leave any disk on the drive the system tends to spin it from time to time draining your laptop battery.

4. Unplug all external Devices (USB devices):
If you are using a USB mouse, unplug it and use the touch pad. Unplug any external drives attached to the laptop if you are not accessing it, to increase laptop battery life. USB ports supplies power to these gadgets. Many laptops offer power saving features on USB ports, it will be wise to explore your laptop vendors power management tools if there is any.

5. Turn off those Lights:
If your laptop has a backlit Keyboard turn it off or at least dim the light this will definitely increase your laptop battery life..

6. Close all Unused open Programs.
If you have too many applications open in the background, every app utilizes your system resources which in turn puts load on the processor and the disk and uses battery power. Close Apps which you don’t require to squeeze more time and increase laptop battery life.

7. Turn off or Reduce the Volume:
Windows sounds by default are always “on” it wont make a difference if you completely disable it. If listening to music, very least you can do is lower the volume, this too will save some more power from battery.

8. Avoid Multitasking:
If you want to check e-mails and work on a word document and listen to music. Do not do all the task together, do one at a time.  

9. Avoid those Fancy Gadgets:
Fancy products like USB fans, USB lights and so on uses power from the USB ports. Avoid using these products when on battery power if you want to increase laptop battery life.

10. Standby and Hibernate mode:
When ever you are working on your laptop and if you need to go away for a short while use the standby mode. If you need to be away for longer period of time put your laptop on Hibernation mode.Hibernation mode donot consume power and helps to improve laptop battery life.

Follow these 10 simple tips to save laptop battery life, but also to increase the life span of your Laptop Battery.


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