Top 10 SEO Tips To Improve Ranking

Top 10 SEO Tips To Improve Ranking

(updated 29 June 2015)

SEO Tips To Improve RankingSEO (Search Engine optimization) is the hottest topic going around with bloggers world wide.

All trying to rank high and show up in the first page of Google search results.

There is no dearth of tips, some tips are simple and some hard to understand, specially so for a non techie or a beginner blogger

After blogging for more than two years, I have learned the hard way some SEO tips to improve ranking. So I’m sharing these simple 10 SEO tips to improve ranking, in search engines and get more traffic.

Let me be frank, I’m not a SEO expert. But these tips, learned from experience and from experts, has helped me and should help you too for better ranking.

10 SEO Tips to improve Ranking, in search results


  1. Use rel=”nofollow” tag when linking your page to a external link or to a low value links so as not to pass the page rank juice. You don’t need to learn HTML coding to add this. That’s why I always insist on why a blogger should use windows Live writer. Its a offline blogging software. A free blogging software from Microsoft.
  2. While interlinking your blog post always use proper anchor text. Don’t just write as get more details “Here” or “There”.
  3. If you use images for your articles, optimize images for faster loading. This is very important. You can optimize images in Photoshop or use a free Image optimization software.Remember search engines can not see your images, so always create proper alt tags for images and also write description on the alt tags. Alt tags should contain your focus keywords. 
  4. Use hyphens (-) between words, this improves readability instead of using ( _ )
  5. Use simple post permalinks instead of post IDs. If you are on word press use custom permalinks ( /%post title%/)
  6. Create a habit to link your posts. Internal linking is very important not only for the SEO point of view, as the search robots can easily find your older related (linked) posts. But also for your readers who might be interested to read your other posts.
  7. Research for your target audience. Use Google analytics to find  your target audience and most searched keywords. And accordingly modify your site contents.
  8. Use the exact keywords in the title, tags, focus keyword and anchor text for any internal link, that is linked to another post or page on your blog.
  9. Don’t just create internal links randomly. But try to create deep links, like from post #1 to post #2 and post #2 to post #3 and post #3 to post #4 and so on. And every time try to use the same keywords as anchor text.
  10. Some experts suggests the use of “?” at the end of your post title. This is on the assumption that most people using search engines are looking for solutions to solve their problems with questions. For example the search could be like “ how to make blah blah blah ?” the “blah blah” here could be your keyword, so a searcher is most likely to click on your post title.

These are the 10 simple SEO Tips to improve ranking. Yes I Know, there are plenty more complex SEO tips to improve ranking. But these tips can be implemented by anyone, novice or expert for better SEO ranking.

So what other SEO technique do you use ? Share with us to help other bloggers too.