10 Laptop Maintenance Tips You Should Know

10 Laptop Maintenance Tips You Should Know

tips to maintain your laptop

Top 10 Laptop Maintenance Tips:

Laptops are overtaking the Desktops. But many Laptop users tend to forget or neglect maintaining their Laptops.  You can see these small compact power horses almost everywhere. Here are top ten Laptop Maintenance tips. So that you get the maximum efficiency from your Laptop, also increase its lifespan.
Follow these tips to maintain your laptop. 

1.Save it from DUST.  tips to maintain your laptop

    Easier said than done.Dust and smog its everywhere, but a little care and cleaning will go a long way to enhance the performance and life of your Laptop. When not in use keep it inside its own bag.

Use a small brush (a simple paint brush will work fine) to clean and dust off the small spaces in-between the key pads and hard to reach corners. On the underside accumulation of dusts can clog the ventilation areas causing overheating.This is number 1 in my list of, tips to maintain your laptop. 

2. Keep your Laptop Cool.

Second TIP in my list of, tips to maintain your laptop. HEAT is next in my list of tips to maintain your laptop. Protect your laptop from excessive heat. A Laptop used in a cool and dry environment will always perform more efficiently and faster too. For reasons best known to the manufacturers, almost all laptop’s seem to have the ventilation grills on the underside of the laptop.

If you have the habit of working on your laptop by keeping it on a sofa or bed or even on your Lap(that’s where its supposed to be). Than you are  killing your system. These surfaces being soft, blocks the vents underneath the laptop .

The best solution would be to use a Lap tray or better still a Laptop coolers. If you are in doubt than try using(installing) a free System Monitor software and see the difference in your CPU temperature while using it with or without a Lap tray or Lap coolers

3.  Install a Good Antivirus and a Firewall software.

   Third TIP in my list of, tips to maintain your laptop. Without a Antivirus your Laptop is Vulnerable to attacks by Virus , Malware Spyware etc.  Make sure you install a good antivirus Free or Paid and always update the virus data base.

The same holds true for a good Firewall. A firewall software protects your Laptop from any external intrusions by hackers, Malware, which may steal all your personal information’s, without your knowledge.

If you share files with Pen drives or external drives, be cautious and always use a USB gourd software to detect any auto executable files. I may stress this point here to disable Auto run feature in your Laptop as a added safety measure.

4. Search and Uninstall all Unused programs:

     Fourth in my list of, tips to maintain your laptop. Programs which you never use. Why keep them?  un-install programs which you don’t use or require. This will not only get you more free disk space but also make your system cleaner and faster. After un-installing, don’t forget to use a good registry cleaner to delete all registry entries made by the program. A broken registry entry will further slow down your system.

5. Defragment your hard disk at regular Interval.

   Fifth Tip in my List of, Laptop MaintenanceDepending on your usage pattern you need to defragment your hard disk at regular intervals. If you install and un-install programs, this may result in to fragmentation of files, making the Disks read write head a hard time to fetch data, making your system slower. Regular defragmentation does the task of getting those pieces in one place or place it at the nearest empty block thereby fetching files is faster, and your system runs faster.

6. Keep your System Registry Clean.

  Your system’s Registry is the heart and soul of your Laptop/PC. Never modify or play with the registry unless you know what you are doing. Always use a good Registry cleaner to scan and fix any Registry errors like a broken link. A corrupt registry may render your system un-bootable, unstable and behave abnormally. Make it a point to use a GOOD REGISTRY CLEANER software after every software Un-installation, to find and delete obsolete registry entries.

7. Check and Minimize your Start up programs:

   When you boot your system, besides windows default start up components many programs also embeds itself in the start-up directory.The more the number of programs in the startup list the longer your system will take to boot.

I feel except your Antivirus program, Firewall program, you can safely disable other programs from the startup list, this will make a noticeable difference in your system boot time.(your system will boot much faster). Use a good Freeware like Ccleaner to check and disable any unwanted programs from the start-up folder.

8: Find and Delete all Temporary files and Internet Temporary files.

  Window’s makes a lot of temporary files(for its own use but fails to clean up). Every time you surf the net, lots of temporary files like cookies, URLs etc are created and accumulates. Over the time these may grow in to gigabyte size, and eventually slowing down your system. Clean and delete such temporary file periodically to keep your system running smoothly.

9: Empty the Re-Cycle Bin.  Laptop Maintenance

This may sound silly, but it does matter too. When you delete a file it doesn’t get deleted immediately but resides in your Re-cycle bin,unless of course you have the habit of pressing the “shift” key before clicking on the delete button. So any file in re-cycle bin basically is occupying your C drive space, so delete files (empty recycle bin) from time to time.

10: Protect your Laptop from Power surges.

   Re-placing your Laptops power supply (Battery charger) or the Battery itself is much more expensive than a Desktop Computer. Protect your Laptop from power surges by using a good Power surge protector’s like the “Spike buster” which are readily available at a very cheap price. This will not only protect your battery charger, Battery,but also the hardware component of your Laptop.

These above Ten Tips to maintain your laptop. These tips are applicable not only for maintaining your Laptops but also for any Computer for that matter.

How do you take care of your Laptop ? I hope these TIPS was of some help, share with us.

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