3 Different Ways How To Check BIOS Version


3 different ways How to check BIOS version in your system

how to check bios versionBIOS (Basic input output system) is a specific type of interface between a computer system’s firmware and the operating system. Newer version of operating systems use Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. Also called as UEFI in short. But majority of the system still use the BIOS interface. You can read here What is BIOS and how BIOS works.

Computer system manufacturer (motherboard) from time to time releases newer versions of BIOS for the system with improved functionality. In such instances its advisable to upgrade your system BIOS. For better compatibility with the operating system.

But in order to update your systems firmware, you will need to know the specific firmware (BIOS) your system uses and its version. In this post we will discuss three different ways on how to Check BIOS version.

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Method 1: Check BIOS version in Windows 7 and Windows 8 : You can check BIOS version by using the run command “msinfo32”. Click on the start button and in the RUN field type msinfo32 and press enter. Alternately you can use the Windows+R tab on the keyboard to bring up the run command window. This msinfo window will show your BIOS version and date. And many other information about your system. See the image below.              

        how to check bios version

METHOD 2 : How to Check BIOS version: Command line method: As in the first method in the RUN field type cmd, to bring up the command prompt window. In the command prompt window type systeminfo and press enter. Command line window will display the BIOS version along with other information of your system. See the image below.

    how to check bios version

METHOD 3: How to Check BIOS version in Windows XP and Vista : Click on Start button > All programs > Accessories > System tools > System information. The system information will refresh and show the BIOS version information on the right side of the window. See the image below.

        how to check bios version

There might exist many alternative utilities that can help you find your computers BIOS info, motherboard and CPU info. Tools like CPU- Z can do that. But if you just want to check BIOS version to know for updating purpose. These three method will help you to check BIOS version instantly.

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