5 Reasons why a Blogger Should use Windows Live Writer

5 Reasons why a Blogger Should use Windows Live Writer

5 Reasons why a Blogger Should use Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is a desktop application for writing and publishing blog posts. It allows you to create, edit, and manage blog posts without having to login to your Blog account. You don’t have worry about Internet connections. Write and compose your post offline and publish directly from your desktop.

What is Windows Live Writer ? 

Windows Live writer (WLW for short) is a Microsoft windows desktop program, a FREE program which you can download and install on your system. This program comes packaged with WINDOWS ESSENTIALS.

After installation WLW allows you to sync with your Blog platform, the program downloads your Blog Template/ design allowing you to create your posts Offline. You can preview your post before publishing, you can see your post exactly as it would appear on your blog (all offline) you can edit the way you want before publishing.

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5 Reasons why a Blogger Should use Windows Live Writer

Reason 1:  You to create blog post offline and preview them in exactly the same format they will appear on your blog. If you have special styling for your blog title, font, paragraphs etc. live writer will show your post as it will appear on your blog, and all this offline, no need for internet connection, no need for you to log on to your blogger account

Reason 2: If you have more than one blog, Live writer can sync as many blogs as you want in one simple platform. Live writer will sync and download your different blogs theme and save on your PC. No need for you to sign on to different dashboards and remember so many passwords.

You can write your posts for your different blogs and publish them right from your desktop, without needing you to log on to your account, posts directly or as a draft copy, which you can modify later if you wish to.

  1. 5 Reasons why a Blogger Should use Windows Live WriterReason 3: You have a blog to write but no Internet connection ? No problem. You travel a lot, get some fresh idea to write, you can do all offline. Write your Blog complete with title, tags, category, preview it, save it. And once you have internet connection just hit the publish button and you are done, your post is online, as simple as that.

    Reason 4: If your blog contains a lot of pictures and videos, uploading them with Live writer is ridiculously easy. You can easily upload picture, photo album, videos anywhere in the web, you can resize, watermark, crop, align and much more and then preview them as it would look on your site before publishing.

    Reason 5: Live writer saves all your published posts as draft on your hard disk. So in the event if your site is hacked or your server goes down, something goes wrong with your online back up data (Not very reliable). You will have that peace of mind that all your data (Posts) are safe and be confident, you can always re-publish them as and when your host is up and running.

    This Blog that you are reading now and most of my other posts are all written in Live writer offline. I mostly publish it as a draft first, and do the final editing in word press editor, just to make sure everything is as it should be. which it always is, that’s the beauty of windows Live writer.

You can Download WINDOWS LIVE WRITER. here.
Was this post helpful ? Do you use Windows Live Writer ? If yes, share your experience here and what did you love most in Live writer. Microsoft has decided to stop updating WLW, good news is it works well with windows 8.

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