7 Ways To Improve Wi-Fi Performance

7 Ways To Improve Wi-Fi Performance

Here are 7 TIPS to improve your Wi-Fi Performance further. Even though you may think your wi-fi is performing OK. You will be surprised how these tips will improve wi-fi performance .

Sometime back I wrote How to boost wi-fi speed by choosing the right channel, if you happen to live in a congested place. Choosing the right channel (less congested) might help to improve wi-fi performance, in most cases…But…

Improve Wi-Fi Performance

There are still ways to improve wi-fi performance, if you follow these tips.

7 ways to Improve Wi –Fi Performance

1: Update Routers Firmware

First and foremost on this list , is to update your routers firmware. All Routers contains a built-in programmable logic called as Firmware. This firmware is a type of software written for a specific model of hardware device. Every router wired or wireless comes to you with a tested version of Firmware. However most routers are designed to support Firmware upgrade. For reliability and stability its important to upgrade Router Firmware to the latest version.

2: Increase the wi-fi range

Even if your computer shows good wi-fi signal strength. You can still increase the wi-fi range to boost the signal strength. This will further help get signal in hard to reach corners of your house. Here’s how to increase the range of wireless router with a second router, which will act as a wi-fi extender.

3: Keep Router away from all known Interference

Keep your router away from all known interference of other electronic devices. That includes other nearby routers also. Mobile towers, Microwaves, and Bluetooth devices are known to cause lot of interference with router wi-fi. Its known that newer LED lights also interferes with wi-fi routers. Festive season ! just move the router away from the decoration lights.

4: Plan your wi-fi network capacity

Every one connected to the net through the router wi-fi is sharing bandwidth. So plan your network connectivity ahead. Limit number of users, other wise your network speed may come to a crawl.

5: You can place limits

Hotels and lounges that provide guest wi-fi, can limit the access to 20MHz, to have a stronger and stable signal. Whenever possible use the 5GHz channel.

6: Authentication and encryption

Its obvious that your local network should be password protected. Latest Wireless technologies with faster speed do not support older types of authentication and encryption. So make sure that security on the network is WPA-2 or better.

7: Use QoS Tools

Wherever applicable use the quality of service tools. QoS tools are normally found under advanced settings of the router. With this tool you can place limits on bandwidth for certain applications. Downloads can be scheduled, limit bandwidth during peak hours etc.

With rapid increase of use of Wi-Fi devices, it does puts extreme strain on any network. But no matter where you are located, you can certainly improve wi-fi performance, if you implement these tips without spending a fortune.