7-Zip is it better than Winzip and Winrar ?

7-Zip is it better than Winzip and Winrar ?

7-Zip is it better than Winzip

Whenever we talk about any file compression utility, we just think about Winzip and Winrar. So than why do we need any other compression tool ?

The answer is very simple both winzip and winrar are not FREE. This blog is for FREEWARE only, if you want to save some bucks and get the same functions of a paid compression tool (if not better) than you are at the right place.

7-Zip is it better than Winzip and Winrar.7-Zip is one of the many modern compression tools available, and is becoming more and more popular by the day, thanks to its excellent compression engine. Compared to its immediate competitor winzip and winrar its completely FREE.

It only works on Windows as of now !! Sorry Mac and Linux users.

7-Zip is an open source file archiver, and offers the highest compression ratio using the new format and its compression results are usually 30-45% better than the most popular winzip. In addition 7-Zip also supports 7zip, zip, cab, rar, arj, gzip,bzip2, tar, cpio, rpm, and deb formats, so this tool can be used with all the popular archive files.

You can associate 7-zip with any of the supported formats by just going to its properties and change the “open with” option to 7-zip.

It’s a small file less than 2MB in size and installation is a breeze. This software does exactly what it is supposed to do. It’s not fancy, but it is effective. And it’s free. After installation you will get the right click context menu for file compression.

7-Zip is it better than Winzip

NOTE: If you are using windows 7, 64 bit version download the appropriate version only. Even though the 32 bit version also gets installed specially if you are on win 7 prof, or Win 7 ultimate versions, the right click context menu somehow doesn’t work.

Final question, 7-Zip is it better than Winzip and Winrar ? YES it is for these reasons

  • Compression ratio better than winzip and winrar (30 to 50%)
  • Makes E-mailing large files a snap.
  • Runs fast. Easy to use and gets the job done without fuss
  • Its like a Swiss army knife for file extractor. It can extract all the most common type of compressed files.

Download the latest version of      7-Zip 32 bit version.

 7-Zip 64 bit version.

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4 thoughts on “7-Zip is it better than Winzip and Winrar ?”

  1. Hi Ben Jamir. Good plug for 7z, excellent piece of software.

    “It only works on Windows as of now !! Sorry Mac and Linux users.” – This is not true, or partially true, and I believe you should clarify. On 7zip’s website they absolutely have programs for OSX and Linux to open 7z, but it’s likely not the same GUI/etc. as Windows.

    Also one other unrelated thing, but maybe not so important, is that .rar handles much better than .7z is: for ISO or bin/cue files with raw audio tracks in them (I’m thinking games for CD-based game consoles), RAR usually gets 5-10% better compression out of it.

    • Thank you for pointing that out AUSTIN M.7-Zip on Windows and Mac may have serviceable GUIs, the Linux version is controlled entirely through the command line interface. But the Linux app lacks any true graphical user interface or GUI as a front end.That leaves 7-Zip technology out of reach for many Linux users.The command-line-only interface is too complex for typical Linux users to master.
      As for winrar handles better ISO files . you could be right on that, but as I said its ain’t free.

  2. WinZip is just one of many programs that give you the aitilby to manipulate Zip files. It is a commercial program, so you cannot get it free. Though, 7-Zip is a free program that has the same functions. I used to use WinZip, but in view of the fact that I found 7-Zip I haven’t used WinZip.

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