8 Tips On How To Avoid Violating Google AdSense Policy

Tips to Avoid Violating Google AdSense Terms of Service

Google AdSense is one of the best way to monetize your Blog, and its FREE. This post is for Blogs approved for Google AdSense. If NO, than you may like to read this article “How to get your Blog approved for Google AdSense”

We must remember our site (Blog) is constantly monitored by Google.Google Adsense is very strict about the policies and terms of service. Understand Adsense TOS and Stop Violating Adsense Policies.

So here are 8 Tips On How To Avoid Violating Google AdSense Policy
Maximum AdSense allowed per page
Read this Google AdSense Policy You can display 3+3+2 Google AdSense  in a single web page, This is based on the discussions in AdSense Forum

Google AdSense doesn’t allow more than three ad unit of the same type per page. You can control how many ads to be displayed per page. Although inserting AdSense code in more than 3 places on any page by itself is not a violation of AdSense policy, as this could be just a mistake by the webmaster. Besides Ad Sense won’t show more than 3 ad unit per page.

Invalid Clicks/Intentional clicks
This is one of the biggest mistake many blogger do, and is one of the main reason where Google AdSense account gets in to the zone for disqualification. Many bloggers usually ask their friends and family member’s to click on their ads. Some click on their own ads from a different IP address.

But Google is much smarter than you may think, if they detect (which they do) they put your account in disable mode so you don’t earn any money. If it continues, your account gets banned.This can be considered as one of the most common cause of violating Google Absence terms of service. 

Attaching ads on E-mail
Some webmaster’s follow this trend of attaching or embedding AdSense code within E-mail. This is against Google AdSense program policy, and a sure way of violating Google AdSense terms of service. 

Encouraging Clicks
Some bloggers uses AdSense code with tricks like “click here” enticing the reader to see some items like hot babes, bikini girls, sexy posters etc. Some bloggers uses the trick to show a pop up window with Ad-sense code , forcing the reader to click to close the window, in order to see the rest of the page. It’s a big NO, and a sure way of getting your Ad Sense account banned for good for violating Google AdSense terms of service. 

Other contextual advertisement
There are many contextual advertisement you can display on your blog, just make sure that they do not violate Google AdSense policies. Though there are many other ad networks which you can use to monetize your blog like the nRelate related post plugin, Infolinks, BuySellads etc. Just read every ad company’s policy before implementing on your blog. 

Manipulating AdSense Code
You may be a programmer or a good coder. Don’t ever think of changing or manipulating AdSense code in any way. Why? placing AdSense ad images near a blog image shaded to blend with the blog page images can be a smart way of getting some clicks. But than as I said earlier Google is smarter than you may think. Do it and you break Google TOS. 

Distributing Copyright Materials
If your site hosts and distribute copyright materials like Movies, Songs, Photos and you run AdSense on your site. Be ready for instant ban from Google AdSense. 

Do not link to sites you should not
Never ever link your blog to sites that distributes illegal pirated software, Keygen sites, Torrent sites, Porn or adult materials, Racial content, hacking or cracking sites, sites that sell banned drugs, anything that’s not legal. You will be better off to avoid linking your blog to these sites.

These are just a few points/examples to keep in mind if your site is displaying Google AdSense and avoid violating AdSense TOS.

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There could be more, I may have missed. If so do share your ideas too. Your comments are welcome.


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