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About Me

Hello My Name is Ben Jamir

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Welcome to My Blog “Tips And Freeware” I call it TNF. I am a Medical Professional. but a Tech Lover. I am a part time Blogger.

I blog to share computer Tips and Tricks, Blogging tips and share quality Freeware . Trying to give a helping hand to the Home user, to make daily Computing easy.

Why I started This Blog ?

I started Blogging in May 2011. From than on, I am trying my best to squeeze out some time (after the office hours) to write articles. I’m not a hardcore tachy,  but I love Technology, the wonderful gift GOD has given to man to evolve as one of HIS finest creations.

About me

                            With My First Computer, running Windows 98. Very Confused, crashed my system   several Times… That was the beginning of my learning Process. Learned from my mistakes, experience and this Blog was Born.                          

I live in a part of this world, where everything comes in SLOW, sometimes damn too slow. ( Nagaland in Northeastern part of India) I hope you get it what I mean. But the interest and the desire to excel didn’t die. Slowly and slowly picked up the pieces, learned from my own mistakes.

One fine morning I thought, why not share these ideas and Tips.  I am sure there are millions of home users out there, as confused as I was, struggling to catch up with technology which is advancing by leaps and bounds.

And that’s how this BLOG was born, share ideas, Tips, and help all average Home users to face and solve all these weird computer problems we face in our daily computing life.

Just look around the site, browse category wise, I am sure you will find that one software, Tips, that you have been looking for.

Plenty of Free quality software, plenty of Windows Tips & Tricks.. I have also quite a few Tips as Misc. Tips. Frankly as I could not find any where to fit those. Surprisingly you will find the most sought after queries here.

Are you on wordpress ? we have Plenty of Tips on wordpress and Blogging

Do Checkout our YouTube Channel..  

I am still a learner, and learning is a never ending process. I will love to learn from my blog readers and healthy comments and advice will go a long way to learn and perfect our knowledge.

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Thank You for reading this.