All In One Android Optimization Tool

All In One Android Optimization Tool

Android Optimization Tool

All In One Android optimization tool provides you with a one stop solution for optimizing the performance of your Android device. This free tool provides everything you need to keep your Android device running at peak performance.

One stop solution to optimize your Android Performance:

This Android app offers you more than 29 easy to use tools to keep your device clean, fast and smart. It helps to clean junk files, reclaim storage, kill running tasks, boost speed, save battery, manage files, lock apps, detect ads, check permissions, read device info, do quick settings and more

Why its a must have tool for all Android users: Main features:

1: Junk files and cache cleaner:
A very fast clean master, targets accumulated junk files and cleans them accurately. One click to clean all junk files, like useless app cache, temp files, residual files, apps left overs, both from phone’s internal memory and SD card. Thus reclaiming and saving space. The App additionally provides options as standard clean, advanced clean and auto clean.

2: Task Killer & Memory Booster:

Speed up slow Android phone by optimizing RAM usage and release memory. The tool lists the most memory hungry CPU occupied and battery draining background running tasks. Which can be selectively killed to free up memory and boosting Android phone speed. Advanced boost features releases memory 2x faster to boost your Android device.

3: App Manager:

Easily control any pre-installed or user installed apps on Android phone. Batch uninstall apps or move apps to external SD card to free up space.. Conveniently disable unwanted auto startup apps. Disable pre-installed bloatware apps without requiring to root.

4: Best File manager:

Manage files stored on external SD card. Supports all basic file operations like copy, cut, paste, rename, compress and decompress. Easily scan large memory hogging files.

5: Privacy Protector:

Powerful trace eraser to delete sensitive personal info like SMS & call records, browser history, clipboard data, saved passwords from leaking. Increase security and protect you from spy eye.

6: App Locker;

Encrypt apps you don’t want to share to lock privacy, protect privacy from prying eyes.

7: Device Info Reader:

Analyze RAM, ROM, SD card storage info; browse CPU, battery, screen, network, Wi-Fi, Root status and hardware info (OS, JVM, Manufacture, IMEI…) at one place conveniently.

12 smart plugins available, all essential and useful for your wonderful mobile experience.

* Ads Detect: Analyze app ads type and source

* Permission Check: detects permissions the installed apps require

* Auto Task: cache and junk file clean, silent mode, airplane mode and Wi-Fi management at set intervals automatically

* Game Booster: boost games to give players more fun

* Sensor Box: show you all available sensors on your Android

* Quick Settings: easy access to system settings

* Volume Settings: provide one-click volume setup

* QR & Barcode Scanner,Flashlight, Compass

* And more…

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