AVAST ! Best Free Antivirus Software Download

AVAST ! Best Free Antivirus Software Download

AVAST ! Best Free Antivirus Software Download


With so many FREE antivirus programs available today. Most home users are not able to tell the difference between various software applications (can’t blame them).

An average Home user consider all the applications pretty much same and equivalent (function wise), and usually find it difficult to decide which one to use.

More experienced users, on the other hand experiment by searching the net, reading the independent reviews, test results etc. But the problem is all these reports often produce conflicting results, making it more difficult to choose the best.

So Which is the Best Free Antivirus Program ?

Let me be direct to answer this question. AVAST the free antivirus program from ALWIL, is undoubtedly the best free antivirus program available today. This is one of the free-anti virus software on the market. The most downloaded FREE antivirus.

The programs interface gives users simple to use options including, showing the summary of the current status, statistic of all of the activity of Avast.

Having said that now let me explain why Avast is still the best free anti virus

Features that makes Avast stand out from other free Antivirus:

    • Boot time Scan: This is one of the unique feature of AVAST, that allows you to perform a full in depth Hard disk scan before windows boots. The main advantage is, the vast majority of the Malware programs are still dormant (not yet activated) and thus gets easily detected and removed.

    • The boot time scan has direct access to the disc, being able to bypass the windows file system, drivers, allowing it to detect the most stubborn rootkits. It’s a wise decision to run the boot time scan, whenever there is any suspicion that the system is infected.
    • For boot time scanning, on first installation itself the software gives the option for boot time scan (after installation is complete). Allow it to do boot time scan.

    Anti virus Screen saver: This is another unique feature of AVAST anti virus. This is basically a special screensaver. And it does make a lot of sense because the scanning is done when the system is idle. Avast screen saver can run on top of your screen saver too ( with just a top level box showing the progress of the scan)
    You can enable Avast screen saver from the system properties, screen saver and select “avast antivirus” from the list.

      • Real-time Shields : Real time shield allows Avast Free Anti-Virus to scan in real time any files stored on the system. Ability to scan incoming mails, scanning internet web sites as they load and eliminates any on-line threats, along with many more. This real-time shields a core component to this software and ensures that your system maintain is safe and secure.
      • Sandbox Mode: This is one feature I really liked in Avast antivirus, this feature of the software allows you to run any potentially dangerous software to run them in a completely safe environment.

        This is especially useful when visiting high-risk web sites, whether accidentally or deliberately, as the browser will be completely contained within the avast! Sandbox, preventing any damage to your computer.

        The AVAST Sandbox can also be used to run any other applications which you think may be a suspect – you can run the program inside the sandbox to determine whether or not it is safe while remaining completely protected against any malicious actions that it may try to carry out.

      You can access the Auto Sandbox settings from the new Additional Protection option on the left nav. of the programs interface.By default the program ask the user whether a program should be sandboxed, although you can set it to automatically decide. There’s a whitelist option for programs that you may want to exclude from the sandbox, or you can deactivate the feature entirely.

      Download the latest version of AVAST FREE ANTI VIRUS.

      Be safe ! Surf Safe ! Protect your computer with the Best FREE Antivirus

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      9 thoughts on “AVAST ! Best Free Antivirus Software Download”

      1. Thanks Ben for shearing your views about AVAST. This anti virus is truly good because I agree with you that it’s sandbox feature is awesome you can run your software in a completely safe environment. I want to ask a question that how much the specification period it has, means after buying how long it became active.

        • Hello Kuldip Roy !!
          I fully agree with you on this (sandboxing feature). Thanks for your comment, but sorry I couldn’t understand your second part of the comment. Avast is totally free all you need to do is to register on the site that too FREE and can be done from the programs own interface. This entitles you for FREE program updates for a year. Sand box feature gets activated after a restart.Hope it helps. Thanks again.

      2. sir please upload npav antiviras latest versin full setup………thank` best antiviras suggestion please… sir ap ginious ho.

        • Nathu I feel Avast is one of the best free AV ! why don’t you use it ? As for npav antivirus ? if its a freeware I will do it, as you know my blog basically share only freeware as a help to home users. BTW thank you for revisiting. You may write back, I will try to help you out

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