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The best in its class 2.1 Bluetooth speakers, the F&D W330BT,2.1 Bluetooth speakers. Carry your music wherever you want with this portable Bluetooth speakers.

If you love watching movies and videos or listening music on your PC or multimedia devices then the F&D W 330BT 2.1 Bluetooth speakers are ideal for you, as they can be easily connected with them in no time.

Excellent sound quality, great for the price. If you take style and looks as seriously as the performance of a gadget, here’s what you need.

      2.1 bluetooth speakers

F&D W 330BT 2.1 Bluetooth speakers, giving 56W of powerful crystal clear sound. Its as powerful as any 2.1 Bluetooth speakers category, if not better.

CONNECTIVITY: It connects seamlessly with your laptop, smartphones, iPhone, iPad. In fact with any Bluetooth devices. Honestly I didn’t find any gadget which couldn’t connect with this 2.1 Bluetooth multimedia speakers.

SOME UNIQUE FEATURES: The volume Knob is big, easy to handle and has a unique blue LED ring around the volume knob.Which not only gives the W330BT 2.1 Bluetooth speakers an aesthetic look but also doubles up as power on indicator. The satellite speakers carries a golden colored ring over black which gives it a stunning look.


2.1 bluetooth speakers6.5” Bass driver for the subwoofer,
Additionally the sub-woofer has a side panel with dedicated treble and bass control knobs. Giving you full control of audio output according to your taste.

2.5” full range driver satellite speakers, outputs clear mid and high’s.

Capable of producing quality sound with deep bass. The F&D W330BT 2.1 Bluetooth speakers are powered by the Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) chipset. Additionally, the Bluetooth technology of this speaker system is certified by the Special Interest Group (SIG).

Apart from being excellent Bluetooth speakers, F&D W330BT 2.1 Bluetooth speakers also has Auxiliary-in with LED indicator for source and pairing. Which means you can use a auxiliary jack to play music, like from your MP3 player.

The best part its Bluetooth operational range is 15 meters. So you can play your music in your device (smartphone) move around the house and yet get crystal clear audio connectivity.

Frankly, we at TNF did not find anything against this product from F&D. The only thing we wished was battery backup.

Where to Buy :

At the time of writing this review at :

 AMAZON : Rs. 3380.00
FLIPKART :Rs. 3290.00
(Please Track fluctuation in price to get the best deal)

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