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                   2.1 multimedia speaker system                        

Sometime back I wrote a review on the best buy 5.1 Bluetooth multimedia speakers from F&D. And that still holds true, as best budget 5.1 speakers.

Today I am writing a short review, as a best buy product from (again) F&D. A 2.1 multimedia speaker system for your desktop or laptop.

Incredibly awesome sound, incredible features and of course incredible price tag. Well without spending much time on this, lets go straight to the specifications for this best buy 2.1 multimedia speaker. 

BEST BUY 2.1 MULTIMEDIA SPEAKER: F&D A 520 2.1 multimedia speaker system


The amplifiers of the F&D A 520 2.1 multimedia speaker system when played in unison produce stunning sound effects. Very effectively maintains the tonal balance of the vocals and the beats of different musical instruments.

The cabinets of the speakers made of superior quality wood. Which effectively prevent audio distortion when you play the system at peak volume. The system has an ingrained automatic voltage regulator (AVR) giving you a smooth and uninterrupted operation in extensive voltage range. Very energy efficient  consumes low electrical energy.

  1. Best Buy 2.1 Multimedia SpeakerSatellite: 4″ full range driver (2 nos) 16×2 watts.
  2. Subwoofer: 6.5″ bass driver : 20 watts.
  3. Independent power switch
  4. Rotary controls for volume & bass
  5. Green LED indicator
  6. Volume and bass knob (Rotatory controls)
  7. Output power (RMS): 52W
  8. Cable length : 1.5 meters
  9. Net weight:4.9kg


Acoustic Air Spring – delivers outstanding sound, plus back-to-back passive radiator design gets you springy bass

Energy-friendly attitude

These speakers won’t have a tussle with voltage, with their in-built AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) for wide main operating voltage range. And like many other products, F&D promises low power consumption on these too

Wooden cabinet gives you a distortion free rich bass.

Wide-ranging Connectivity

These 2.1 multimedia speaker system are compliant for using with an assorted range of multimedia devices including but not limited to television, PC, laptop, MP3 player, CD player, DVD, and gaming console.

You can expect consistent quality of sound production from the F&D 2.1 multimedia speakers irrespective of the audio/video or multimedia device you hook it up with. The volume and bass control knobs enable you to fine-tune the audio according to your preferences.

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PRICE: The Price at the time of writing this review at Amazon is Rs.2008.00
Considering its features and Incredibly awesome sound quality, this is the best buy 2.1 multimedia speaker as of now.

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