Blogging Tips you should know

Blogging Tips for new Bloggers  (updated 14 june 2015)

       Blogging is a Passion. This is a platform where you generally share your views on certain topics you know well. You may have product which you want to market, or  just Blog for the sake of blogging.

If you are one of such type than this post is not for you. But if you are serious blogger than read on.

I am sharing some blogging tips which I feel every blogger out there must know and follow if you want to be a successful Blogger. Because if its your passion to share through Blog, and spend your time and energy to maintain your Blog. Than you  get that satisfaction in return from your Blog itself.

Like making your blog popular, getting more traffic,Monetizing your Blog, getting a good ranking in Google search etc. If you don’t get that satisfaction, than why Blog in the first place ? 


 1.  HAVE A VISION: Before you start any blog, have a vision of that blog, have a clear picture of what you want to achieve with your blog, and do it your own way, don’t let any external ideas get your way.Once you have your vision and goal set, start walking towards your goal, write to your heart content, let your blog readers wait for the next post, such should be the quality of your post.

       2.   TRUST YOUR ABILITY: No one can become famous overnight or a famed blogger with just a few blog post.You must trust yourself and carry on. Initially your blog post may mean nothing, not even to you, doesn’t matter just carry on once you have your vision and goal, trust your ability.

       3.   LOVE YOUR BLOG: Most of we don’t give much time for what we started. If you really want to blog you must learn to love your blog and love what you do or don’t start at all. Your passion will be the key to your success. As I said earlier success will come slowly.

 .    4.    MAINTAIN QUALITY: Never ever sacrifice on your blog quality. Remember people have the habit of scanning the horizon,so make your blog short and to the point. Remember one good blog is worth ten worthless posts.

      5.    PICK ON A IDEA: Unless you are a dedicated full time blogger, majority of us are part time blogger, trying to squeeze some time for the blog, so PICK your topic carefully and stick to it,write on topics that would help people to solve their problem, and you will see your reader will come back for more.

      6.   STEAL IDEAS: By this I don’t mean you should virtually copy paste from other peoples post. Read a lot , go through other blogs and follow their blogs, get ideas from them and make your own.

       7.   DON’T BE CRAZY FOR MAKING MONEY: Making money from blog should never be the primary object, Yes you can make money, but build your blog first let your audience grow, money will come as a consequence of the blogging work that you do.

      8.   HAVE FAITH: Finally don’t lose faith,remember blogging is not easy, it takes time and lot of effort to build a good blog. So have faith in yourself, initially everything starts slow, have faith and perseverance and success will follow. Sometimes life may hit you hard on the head, just don’t loose faith.
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