Boost WiFi Speed By Choosing The Right Channel

  Boost WiFi Speed

How to choose the best Channel to boost WiFi Speed ? In the past decade Wireless networks have come a long way. This in turn has caused WiFi traffic jam / overlapping if you happen to be living in a multistory apartment complex.

WiFi radio waves operate on various channels, that interfere with other signals. This interference could be due to frequencies emitted by cordless phones, your microwaves, and also other routers in your vicinity.

But fortunately, channels 1,6, and 11 are spaced far enough  apart not to overlap or interfere with each other. However on a non MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) setup, that is 802.11 a.b or g, you should always try to choose channel 1,6 or 11. If you want to boost WiFi speed with minimal interference, channel 1,6,or 11 will be your best choice.

But again this will depend on other wireless networks in your locality. There are free tools which can help you find the clearest channel. You can read this post about this free tool. Using this type of tool will make it much easier to choose the right channel in your vicinity to boost WiFi speed.

Until such time just switch your router channel to 1,6 or 11, until you find the right channel that works well for you. To check, if you have two laptops you can copy a file between them, to test the throughput.

The best thing about 5GHz (802.11n 802.11ac) is that, there is much more free space at the higher frequencies, it offers 23 non-overlapping 20 MHz channels.