Boost Your Mac Performance Remove Mac Malware

Boost Your Mac Performance Remove Mac Malware

Boost Your Mac Performance

Mac Booster is one application every Mac user should be using. This is your one – stop Mac maintenance tool, not only to clean up junk file, but also to boost your Mac performance and remove malware.

Want to know your Mac system status and information ? Mac booster has one click scan and fix feature. With the one click scan Mac booster 3, shows you all the issues it has detected. You can check the details, and solve all problems by clicking the  “Fix” button. Thus reclaim hard disk space and boost your Mac performance. These improvements are immediate.

Junk File removal feature: Mac Booster removes 13 different types of junk files, as shown below. Periodic cleaning will boost your Mac performance, and also you will have a stable fast computer.

Boost Your Mac Performance

Security Center:

Apart from cleaning junk files and boost your Mac performance. Mac booster also protects your Mac against potential threats. It scans and securely gets rid of files and data that may act as potential threats to your Mac, for example Malware, Malicious cookies, system configuration and viruses.

Boost your Mac Performance and speed up:

When you are multitasking, your system RAM gets occupied by all the apps that are open and running. Your Mac will become slow and unresponsive. Mac booster 3 quickly cleans caches files generated by these apps and releases RAM, there by boosting your Mac performance.

Another great feature of Mac booster 3, is that it improves the performance by fixing Mac disk permission issues.

Important features of Mac Booster 3 are :

1: Find and clean Gigabytes of Junk files.

2: Scan find and remove Malware and Viruses.

3: Boost your Mac performance and enjoy a Faster Mac.

4: Uninstall Apps thoroughly without leaving any trace of the app.

5: Optimize your Mac startup and increase boot speed.

6: Clean and regain Memory, start application faster.

7: Find and remove large unnecessary files and regain disk space.

8: Remove iTunes junk files, there by releasing storage space on iTunes store.

9: Erase file permanently.

10: Find and delete duplicate files, photos.

This is not a FREE product. It costs around $39.95. How ever you can get it for $19.95 from Topware. ( Please note, this price and offer is at the time of publishing this post)

Conclusion: MacBooster 3 is a must have tool, to boost your Mac performance. This tool can find errors and fix them. Options to free up memory, which is great specially for old Mac computers. It is a all-in-one maintenance tool to keep your Mac running like new.