Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin


Broken Link checker Plugin for Word press
Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

In a nutshell Broken links on a site or Blog is bad for your business, Very bad for SEO point of view, absolutely bad for for your visitor’s experience and bad for your income too.

Its just plain bad for your site to have Broken links. Broken link checker plugin for word press, does this job for checking all your internal and external links. And points out to you if any link is broken.

We all have experienced how frustrating it is, if we click a link and lands us on a dreaded 404 page, a dead end. The worst part is, your visitor may never come back to your site as your site loses credibility. And trust me nobody wants that. To make things worse Google and other search engines, devalues sites with broken links and your sites ranking suddenly drops.

Sites hyperlinks can be broken in many instances for example:

1. A linked page gets deleted or moved.
2. You modified a post and changed the link.or forgot to update link
3. Typed the URI wrongly while linking.

Ensuring that all your links are working, is the top most priority job for any webmaster. To make sure that none of your page lands on a 404 error. As your site/blog grows by the day, monitoring and managing all internal as well as external links becomes difficult. That’s why you need to install broken link checker wordpress plugin, to make things easier.


Broken link checker wordpress plugin, takes care and does all the job of checking links periodically. Continuously monitoring your sites links and alerts you of any broken links on your wordpress dashboard and even sends email alerts, when a broken link is discovered.


  • Constantly monitors all internal and external links in posts and pages.
  • Monitors links in comments.
  • Your whole site is periodically monitored at intervals set by the user.
  • All newly added or edited contents are instantly checked.
  • Has the ability to check images links, you tube and other video links.
  • Allows you to check and correct links directly from the plugins interface.


From the word press Plugin installation dashboard Install and activate the Broken link checker wordpress plugin.
After installation, you can access the broken link checker plugin, under settings as “Link checker” This will take you to the plugin’s settings page.
Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin
The options are pretty straight forward. Default options are all checked and are pretty good. Nothing to change. Only under the general tab, you can change the frequency for checking each links. This will depend on how frequently you post. The default is 72 Hrs. that is in every three days.


The default settings under the tabs “ look for links in” “which links to check” “ Protocols and APIs” “Advanced” etc. are just perfect and will work for most site. Unless you are a advanced user, go ahead and tweak it to your liking. Now just click on save settings.

The Broken Link checker wordpress plugin, immediately gets to work, and may take a few seconds to few minutes to check all your links (depending on the size of your site).

Broken Link Checker WordPress PluginGive the Plugin sometime to check all your links. Once completed, under the tools menu in word press dashboard click on the “Broken links” and you will be presented with all the broken links the plugin  has found and will be shown as the image shown below.
Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

You will have the option to correct all links or dismiss if you feel the links are OK, or even delete any link or change and update links.

If you are Lucky and all your links are in order, than you will see the following message.
Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

TIP: Before deleting/remove any link specially external link from your site. Verify it first. Its not unusual, that the websites linked to, may be down temporarily.


Broken Link Checker wordpress plugin, is a must have plugin for any webmaster, if your site is on wordpress. Specially so for a blogger, as its a important part of site maintenance. Too many broken links on a site may prove disaster. With this Broken link checker word press plugin you can check and maintain all your links effortlessly.