Can Not Use Internet In Any Browser Except IE

Can Not Use Internet In Any Browser Except IE

You can not use Internet in any Browser except IE (Internet explorer). A peculiar situation. I had this problem too. Everything was working fine, suddenly all my browsers, Firefox, Opera, Chrome stopped working except IE. I could not excess Internet with any browser except Internet explorer. To top it, none of these browsers gave any helpful hint.

If you can not use Internet in any browser except IE (Internet explorer) than there are three options you can try, to solve this problem.

1. Windows Firewall: In control panel first Check windows built in Firewall, see that its not configured to block these browsers.

2. Firewall Software: If you are using any third party firewall software, check its settings. And make sure that browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera) are not blocked. Set them as Trusted applications.

3. Browser Proxy Settings: This happens to be the most common problem causing issue. Any wrong settings here and you can not use internet in any browser. Proxy settings in all the browsers should be set to “No proxy”

If your firewall settings are all OK and yet you can not use Internet in any browser except IE. Than check your browser’s proxy settings.

Can Not Use Internet In Any Browser Except IE

FIREFOX : WINDOWS XP : In firefox go to Tools > Options > Advanced > Connection > In Settings set it to “No Proxy” click apply and save your settings.

WINDOWS 7: In windows 7 click on the drop down arrow in “Firefox” on the top left corner of the browser > options > Advanced > Network > Settings > under “Configure proxies to access the Internet” click on “ No Proxy”.

CHROME : WINDOWS XP: Options > Under the hood > Network > Change proxy settings > LAN settings > Uncheck “Proxy server”. Save your settings.

WINDOWS 7 : Chrome settings > settings > Under default browser click on “ Show advanced settings” > Network > change proxy settings > LAN settings > Uncheck “Proxy server” > Check “Automatically detect settings”. Save your settings.

Restart your browser and check, you should be able to use Internet now.

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