Changing the Default File Save Location in Microsoft Word

Changing the Default File Save Location in Microsoft Word

default file save location

How to change Default File Save Location in Microsoft Word

 When you save a document in Microsoft Word,by default it saves in my Document folder in C drive. To be more precise the saving location is “C:\Users\user name\Documents\”. That’s fine as long as you backup your documents on any other external device or on a separate partition regularly.

Disadvantage : You lose all your documents if your system crashes for any reason. The location where MS word saves your Documents is in the C drive,which is definitely very risky. Should anything go wrong with your C drive you lose everything saved in that drive.This is the biggest disadvantage. 

If you have a single drive on your PC, read on “How to partition your hard disk”,. Its good to have dedicated partitions for your Documents, Photo collections, Movies, Games , Software backups etc. Having such dedicated partitions does have a lot of advantages. Keeping your C drive dedicated for the Operating system and programs only. 

The procedure described here on how to change default file save location in Microsoft office, is almost same in Office 7, 8 and Office 2010

So how to change default file save location in microsoft office

Step 1. Open MS Word than click on the round orb on the extreme left of the window to get the following window.

 default file save location

At the bottom click on the “Word options” tab as shown here.









And you will get the following option window.

default file save location

Step 2: On the left panel click on the “Save” option, and on the right pane under the “Default file location” you will see the location as “C:\Users\user name\Documents\”. Where user name is the name of you computer registered,(that’s the default location).

Under this tab click on the “Browse” button and locate the Partition or the folder where you want to save your Documents, and than click on apply and Save. From now on whenever you save any Word document it will be automatically saved in the Folder or the Partition you have specified.

In the Picture below as you can see I have a separate dedicated partition as “Documents” which I have selected and all my documents automatically gets saved there.

default file save location


If you have such dedicated Partition for documents, next time whenever you save a document it will be saved in that partition. So even if your C drive crashes and you need to re-install your windows all your documents will be safe.




It does saves you from lot of trouble and from disaster to have dedicated partition’s for your Documents, Collections of Photos, Music collections, Video collections etc.

This Keeps the Operating system files separated from the user files. So even if your main system drive crashes, or you need to format for fresh windows installation your files are safe in their own partitions.

How do you proceed to partition your Hard disk and how many Partitions would you require, get some Ideas and Hints from Here.