Common Factors That May Cause Hard Disk Failure

Common Factors That May Cause Hard Disk Failure


Hard Disk in a computer is the only component that is subjected to both electronic and mechanical stresses.

Before we go deeper in to the most common factors that may cause hard disk crash or failure ( what ever you call it, means the same). We must know that the life span of any electronic component is 5 years, at its best. May be more in very exceptional and rare cases.

Lets compare the hard disk with a car, it’s a mechanical device. which means its has moving parts. Almost all the components in a computer are electronic. Which means these components can only be damaged by electronic means, for example a sudden power surge.

However computer hard disks are subjected to both electronic/electrical and mechanical stresses. So this makes the hard disk the most delicate component of a computer.

If you are the careful type and using a Spike buster coupled with a good UPS, these two together in most cases will protect your delicate electronic components that includes Hard disk from powers surges.

Having said that lets now discuss the mechanical stresses that may cause hard disk failure.

Most Common Factors That may cause Hard Disk Failure:

1: Hard disks are mechanical devices, they have moving parts. So naturally hard disks are subject to wearing out. In about 60% to 70% of cases hard disk failure occurs due to mechanical failure.

2: Your CPU unit may get bumped, moved or fall from the table. This is the most dangerous situation if your system was running at the time.

3: A electronic motor constantly spins the platter of the hard Disk when its running. Hard disk may fail due to bad bearings of this motor.

4: Since hard disk has mechanical components, extreme heating up may damage the electronic components of the circuit board. This is most likely to happen if your computer is not well ventilated.

5: Sudden power disruption when the read write head of the hard disk is active. For example during file copy or transfer of files.

Types of Hard Disk Failure:

There are Two main types of Hard disk Failure

1: Physical Failure: Since hard disk has mechanical components (moving parts). Hard disk failure can happen due to any factors that we have just discussed above.

2: Logical failure: This type of hard disk failure can happen due to file corruption. For example accidentally deleting or modifying the windows registry. Improper formatting or even a virus infection may cause logical hard disk failure. However these are correctable, by reformatting the hard disk and re-installation of the operating system.

Conclusion: Hard disks are built to with stand most rough handling. They just don’t give up on you without showing any signs, that it is failing. A detail post and free tool How to know that the hard disk is failing ? So you get enough time to buy a new one and save your data.