Convert Audio cd in to digital files : rip music

Convert Audio cd in to digital files : rip music

convert audio cd to digital format

How to convert Audio CD to Digital Format:

When we talk about digital music we think about MP3 only and about videos we think of DVDs. In today’s world even the experts are confused with the number of formats available.

If you have huge collections of those priceless audio CDs lying on your drawer or in the collection box. Over time these CDs and DVDs will become unreadable by your player. Spoiled because of heat and humidity, scratches. So the best option is to convert audio CD to digital format. 

Converting Audio CD or  popularly called as “ripping” in to digital format is time consuming process. On top of it if you use a inferior quality software for ripping your Audio CDs, all your time and effort will be wasted.

There are many ripping software available, almost any media player’s are capable of ripping audio CDs, why than do I need to write this post ? Well , I have to tell you this for two reasons. First, if you need to rip your Audio CDs there are two sensible options you can decide, One to make a perfect copy using Loss-less system as FLAC (Free lossless Audio Codec) and the second option is to save it (ripped one) encoded in 320kbps MP3, so that the music will sound so good that you will never be able to tell the difference.

If I have driven the point home, here’s the rest of the article. A good ripper makes all the difference no matter what may be the condition of your CDs when transferring your CD tracks to MP3. You need to rip your Audio CDs with a ‘A’ class software, that should be able to do a decent job of ripping but also finds and downloads CD and Track information and presents it in editable form right on the interface.

convert audio cd to digital format

Yes ! you got it right or did you ? Its FREERIP  Its a FREEWARE program, an excellent software to rip and convert audio cd to digital format. FREERIP is an easy to use windows application that can rip, convert audio from CD to MP3, OCG, FLAC, WMV, and WMA.

This software integrates an MP3 tag editor that can handle both ID3 v1 and v2 tags. FreeRip can download track data from the famous offers its exclusive FreeRip CD Data base which is a user-maintained database that offers a number of additional fields like lyrics, band, etc.

Now if that’s not convincing enough to use this software, FreeRip also offers advanced features such as the ability to rip multiple CD tracks to a single MP3 file and also helps you to find images, videos ,information and lyrics.

This program does what its meant for, they also provide support even for the free version, (yes there is a paid version too if you are interested to) but I guess you wont need it. Try it first.

Download the latest version of FreeRip here.

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