Convert Scanned PDF Into An Editable Word Document

Convert Scanned PDF Into An Editable Word Document


Investintech’s free online PDF OCR service is designed to streamline your document management process. Allows you to accurately extract the text from scanned PDF files into Microsoft Word. Go paperless and re-purpose scanned reports, contracts, brochures and other image based PDFs.

What is OCR? 

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a visual recognition process. Transforms printed or written text into an electronic character-based file. In order to convert a scanned document into an editable format, OCR software is required. OCR software analyzes the “image” of each scanned in character and match it to an electronic character-based file.

How to use this site to convert PDF into an Editable Word Document:


 High quality scanned documents

 Non confidential files

 Small to medium file sizes

With Investintech’s PDF OCR online converter, you can unlock the text from a scanned PDF in just 3 simple clicks: 

                                                  PDF Into An Editable Word Document

1: Select the PDF file that you want to convert to an editable Word Document. Your document will be uploaded for the conversion

2: Type your valid E-Mail address in the given box. The converted editable word document will be sent to this E-Mail add.

3: Third and last step, Click on the Start Tab. Your PDF file will be converted to editable word document and will be delivered to the E-Mail add you entered in step 2. 

With Investintech online PDF to OCR you can convert any number of scanned files of any size. Use this advanced OCR technology as much and as many times you want. Get one step closer to paperless productivity.