Convert your Photos to Sketches easily

How to Convert Your Photos to Sketches, Easily

Turn your digital photos into pencil sketches in seconds. Photo to sketch is the fastest and easiest way to transform your pictures into beautiful sketches.The program includes dozens of drawing styles to apply, which are easily customizable by using sliders.

PHOTO TO SKETCH is the answer for you to easily convert photos to sketches.

This is a very small program, fast and very easy to use. You can convert photos to sketches, with just a few clicks.

Its really quite interesting to see the program rendering your photos, differently as per the settings you choose. You just have to import your photo, adjust the settings and click to render. Your photos are turned in to sketch. Perfect way convert photos to sketches quickly and easily.

photos to sketches The interface is too simple and straight forward.From the file menu open your photo, which will be displayed in the preview window as above.

Alternatively you can use the “Add” button in the lower section of the window.You can use the default settings and just click on the “Sketch effect” box and your photo will be instantly converted to Pen sketch (that’s the default) and the result will be like this.

photos to sketches

As you can see the results are stunning.You have the option to choose “Pen”, “Pencil” or “Pastel”, precision settings for finer output. But I feel the default works fine, but you can try your own settings.

Line settings is for the thickness of the line that is rendered, the lower the number the finer is the output. Try your own settings, which ever appeals to you most, and save your ART on your disk. You can show off to your friends your work of art.

photos to sketches Photo to Sketch allows you to covert your photos to :
1. As Pen Sketch,
2. Brush sketch (only freehand panel).

There is a Paid version too, which allows you to convert photos in batches with more options.The FREE version of Photo to Sketch is good enough and results are really stunning.The rendered photo can further be enhanced in Photoshop. 

Note: I have observed Portrait photos with good lighting and sharp feature with lighter background gives better result.Try your hand on this wonderful Free software to convert your photos to sketches.

Download Latest Free Version of PHOTO TO SKETCH ( your download will start automatically)

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