Delete Merge Duplicate Contacts In Android Smartphones

Delete Merge Duplicate Contacts In Android Smartphones

Delete Merge Duplicate Contacts In Android


How to find and delete or merge duplicate contacts on a Android smartphone or tablet ?

Multiple entries of the same contact, with the same phone number, is a nuisance for many Android phone users.

If you have a Google account, like Gmail, Google+ account. Android devices can sync contacts from  Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. And all your contact lists are automatically saved in Google contacts.

And to top it social media syncing provides additional details like email address, contact image, etc without the user’s manual effort, adding to the menace of duplicity.

So it’s very likely that you will end up with two or more different contact records for a person, one containing an email address and primary number while another one containing work number and image.

Contacts Optimizer is a free Android app, which intelligently finds such duplicate contacts and allowing you to selectively delete merge duplicate contacts in android smartphones.

This application will deeply analyzes your phonebook and bring it close to perfection. The built-in intelligence will surprise you. Users say this application is so useful it should be included with every phone.

Delete Merge Duplicate Contacts in Android Smartphones:


Contacts optimizer’ s powerful features and beautifully simple interface puts you in charge of your
contacts :

• Edit, Delete, Select all or unselect all contacts at any time, just tap and hold the contact

• Finding even more duplicates by searching within contact subfields, available also in the free

• Filtering of contacts in all views provides you an easy way to work with a group of contacts
• Search and replace enables mass changes in contact names, country codes, notes, emails and all
other  fields
• Manual merge of individual contacts using  filtering is really easy
• Arrange contacts on the screen according to your preference
• New optimization algorithms identify and solve more problems in contacts

I have found this app to be very useful to delete merge duplicate contacts in Android Smartphones. Has a 4.4 star rating by users all over the globe. If you have faced this duplicate contact issues, try this app…its worth its name.


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