Disable Touchpad to avoid Accidental clicks in Laptops

Disable Touchpad to avoid Accidental clicks in Laptops


                                                               disable touchpad in laptop

How to Disable touchpad in Laptop to avoid accidental clicks while typing on your Laptop. The location of the touchpad, which is usually falls just under your palm or wrist while typing. Makes it prone for accidentally touching and making your mouse curser jump or move and interrupt your working. 

Touch pad is a pointing Device, found on a Laptop, which acts as a substitute for a mouse as on a Desktop. A touchpad basically has a tactile surface and usually has two buttons which acts as the left and right mouse buttons. Touchpad tactile sensitivity can be adjusted and fine tuned according to a user’s requirement. ( Well,I guess you already know that). How to disable touchpad in laptop, which doesn’t have a dedicated button to disable touchpad.

 However many modern Laptops have a dedicated button to disable touchpad in laptop at the top along side the “F” keys. Better still if you are using a cordless mouse, you can safely disable touchpad in laptop to avoid any accidental clicks.

For those brands, which does not provide a dedicated button to disable touchpad in laptop, here is a very useful software called the “Touchpad Blocker”. This is a fantastic FREEWARE tool to disable touchpad in laptop,that can run in the background and detect and block any time you accidentally touch the touchpad ( or your Laptop thinks you made a accidental click).

This is a must have software (Freeware) for Laptop owners who prefer to use the touchpad instead of a cordless mouse. This tool helps the user to type text as fast as possible by locking the mouse during a period after any key is pressed.

                                          disable touchpad in laptop

  • This is a very small and a simple program, but very helpful for those who use the Laptop for day to day office works. Though small it has some useful options like

1. You can set the length of delay in milliseconds.

2. You can customize a keyboard shortcut to switch touch blocking on & off

3. Very useful for Gaming, designing, painting.


You can download and use this touchpad assistant software absolutely free

Disable Touchpad to avoid Accidental clicks in Laptops. TouchPad Blocker

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