Download Multiple YouTube Videos

Download Multiple YouTube Videos

YouTube Video Down loader

download multiple youtube videos
 (updated 17 June 2015)

YouTube is one of the largest portal for on-line video sharing. You can upload your videos to share and also download any videos you like.The problem is when a video tends to have multiple parts (which happens most of the time) than you have to download all those parts one by one and save it in your computer.

The free version of YouTube downloader, allows you to download only one file at a time. Which you need to JOIN them together to make one single file. The paid version of YouTube down loader, allows you to download more than one video at a time.


What if you have a software with which you can download Multiple YouTube Videos ?

1-Click YouTube Downloader is such a utility which can batch download  videos at a time. You just need to copy paste or drag the URL and the tool will download the videos for you and save it in the location you specify.


1-Click YouTube Downloader is a freeware and is extremely easy-to-use utility to download multiple YouTube videos, as FLV files. One disadvantage I found was the programme lacks a help file, but it includes all instructions in the application window itself.


The programme has a inbuilt search box where you can type and search for videos. It supports drag and drop to download files,where you can drag the URL of a file and drop inside the utility logo to download.

This application is quick and successfully downloads all the file that you submit. After completion of download, the application lets you save the file to a specific location you specify or continue downloading the remaining files that you submitted. If you do not specify a location to save your files, than it saves the file inside the applications folder itself (C:\Program Files\)

download multiple youtube videos

Update: It has been reported that due to some changed properties of YouTube site none of the YouTube download programs were working.


The updated version of 1-click YouTube downloader is able to download from YouTube. Downloading is easy ,you just have to search for the video and drag the URL link in to the program to download your videos.

If you have collections of YouTube videos in multiple parts you can use this Video joiner a freeware to join not only video but also audio files in to one continuous file.

Download the latest version of  1-CLICK YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER. 

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