Fastest Loading Free Blogger Template

Fastest Loading Free Blogger Template

Fastest Blogger Template 

This Blogger Template is Simply the fastest loading template I have ever tested. In my last article I have written about my selection of top 5 bloggers template (Fast loading template) but this template beats them all, add with it features not available in the default bloggers template.As a blogger out of curiosity, I have tested a lot of templates in my test blog (since I’m no good in HTML and CSS staff) when I came across this template . I tested it with all my blog content loaded and believe it or not it really surprised me with its speed of loading the whole page within 3 seconds (could be less)


Fastest Loading Free Blogger Template


  • SEO optimized page title you can read here what it means.
  • Automatic  Read more in expandable posts with thumbnail in multi-post pages blog, which means it loads only short snippets instead of the whole post (reducing load time) and does not use JavaScript.
  • you can show more post on a page as it does not trigger auto-pagination.
  • On your home page it shows the most recent post in full, but you can limit that by applying the jump-break feature of blogger.
  • Clutter free home page (Your About me page). This is one feature,I really liked,side bar , footer are  removed from the static pages, making your posting area much wider and fills up the whole page width.
  • Above all, the TOP FEATURE and the beauty of this Template is, it is FULLY customizable using the template designer.You can customize it in any way you want it by dragging and placing all your side bar content. The Template with a Right single side column..You can also adjust the width of the column as well as of the whole template itself,fonts,backgrounds and colors right from the inside of the blogger template designer.


  1. Copy the code for this Template from HERE
  2. After copying the code paste it in NOTEPAD and save it with a name.
  3. Log on to you Blogger account and go to>Design > HTML
  4. Before doing anything first download your existing template and save it in your hard disk, so that you can revert back if anything goes wrong
  5. Than click on to browse file and select the Notepad with the code you saved earlier than > click on upload.
  6. Once the file is uploaded blogger will show a warning that the new Template don’t have the following widgets,labels etc. blogger basically is pointing out that the new template do not have these which you had in your previous template, it will be good idea for you to keep these, so click on the KEEP WIDGETS button.
  7. After sometime blogger will notify template successfully uploaded and saved.
  8. Click on preview and check how your page appears, there will obviously some differences, nothing to worry.
  9. Save your template and go to -Design – Layout arrange the labels, widgets, links etc. by dragging and dropping according to your preference > Save your layout. That’s it
  10. Sign out of your account. Reload your Blog : see the difference

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