Fix : Monetization Under Review With YouTube Videos

Fix : Monetization Under Review With YouTube Videos

                Monetization Under Review

Are you a You tuber ? If yes, than you must have come across this information Monetization under Review, for some videos that you upload. For the moment you might think, its nothing important as YouTube always checks your video that you upload, if its original and fit for monetization.

These reviews normally takes just a couple of minutes. But sometimes it may take days or even months.

Your video may get lots of views but you will never earn a single penny from Google AdSense, if its under review.

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But here is a simple fix for Monetization under review.

Just follow these simple steps.

But before you read on, lets make some things clear

1: Remember Reviews are done by humans, yes humans. So if there are lots of videos for monetization under review. And your video is on queue, well it could take many days or even months.

2: Provided the video you uploaded is your original creation, not copied someone else’s.

3: The audio (read as music) used is not a copyright material.

Having said that here’s how to Fix Monetization Under Review , issue with YouTube Videos

Step 1:

First completely log out of your YouTube account. Than close the browser, whichever you are using. I use Google chrome.

 Step 2:

Now open IE (Internet explorer). Log on to your YouTube account, under Info and settings, delete the title of the video. Just Give it a name, since without title you can not save the video.

Delete the description of the video. You can keep the tags.

Under Monetization tab, disable it, (demonetize your video) 

Than log out of YouTube account, Close the I.E completely.

Step 3: Next open Google Chrome in Incognito mode. Log on to YouTube account. This time go to info  and settings, and under monetization tab, click to enable (Monetize your video).

Log out of your YouTube account again and close the browser ( Google chrome).

NOW JUST WAIT: IT MAY TAKE 15 to 20 MINUTES…have patients. I usually wait for 30 minutes or so.

Step 4:

Now open IE again and log on to your YouTube account. Check the video, you will see this time Monetization will be enabled.

That’s it very simple way to fix Monetization under review issue with YouTube Videos. This method works for me every time I have this Monetization under review problem in YouTube.

Oh ! by the way you can write the Title and description for the video, when you want.

Difficult to understand ? We have a short video too …..