Fix: Pages Do Not Match !Timestamps Differ ! WP Super Cache

I had this problem for quite sometime. Whenever I tested my site in WP Super Cache tester , I get this message “ The pages do not match ! timestamps differ! or were not found”.

That was strange, because everything worked  just fine. My page load time was as before, and I was sure I configured WP Super cache with optimal settingsPages Do Not Match

But the question was why WP Super cache tester says “ pages do not match ”.

So after a lot of checks on my site settings, WP Super cache settings and also Cloud flare CDN settings, I could pin point the problem. And this is what I want to share.

By the way I use Cloud flare CDN service (free version) this is important.

I am sure every word press user will be using minify plugin. Every minify plugin ,by default is set to minify your CSS and JS files. This helps to improve your page load time. Word press Cache plugin with Minify plugin works wonder to speed up your site loading time.

So Why WP Super Cache Tester Says “ The Pages do not match ! timestamps differ or were not found” ?

I use both WP super cache and Better WP minify on my site. I feel this two plugins compliment each other. I also use the Cloud flare CDN service. The free version of course.

Minify plugin, by default minifies your CSS and JS files, to speed up your site.

CDN service providers also minifies your CSS, JS and HTML files. This further helps to speed up your page load time.

How ever there is a problem here, the HTML files.

If you are using any CDN services, check the settings well, under Speed.

If you are using Cloud flare CDN like me. In Speed settings, under AUTO MINIFY make sure that the box for HTML is unchecked. You can check to minify CSS and JS. If your site doesn’t break by doing so.

Pages Do Not Match!Timestamps Differ

Next under Caching tab, in the Purge Cache select to Purge Everything. Than log out.

Pages Do Not Match

Now log on to your word press dashboard. Open WP super cache settings. Test your page now.

I solved my WP Super Cache Tester “ Pages do not match ” message. Now it says “The Timestamps on both pages match!.

Pages Do Not Match