Free Blogger Template 10 in one

Free Blogger Template 10 in one

Free Blogger Template  (updated June 27 2015) 

Clean looking, fast loading, templates are the most important aspect to consider when you choose a Template for your Blog.

I have tried a whole lot of free blogger template available everywhere in the net but none satisfied me. Some were either too bright colored or too dark colored or just had too many different colors.Worst of all most these free blogger template were not customizable, (that is) not compatible with the bloggers template designer.

So you have to stick to what ever the template design offers you, definitely not acceptable. What if your widgets/gadgets/ad sense etc. don’t display where you want them to be or worse goes off the screen size.

Finally i came across this beautiful elegant Template , a free blogger template.

called “Atlas Template” from This is the template i am using now, that’s what you are seeing now. (I have already shifted my Blog to WordPress self hosted). Its one template package I would suggest every blogger should give it a try.

The author has designed this free blogger template, so nicely that you can completely customize it according to your liking and is completely compatible with the bloggers template designer.

The template package contains 10(ten) different template, yes ten different free blogger template, for you to use and its FREE.Uploading the template is very easy.

How to change your blogger Template:

 Just log on to your bloggers account – go to design – than click on the Browse button and locate the Template file you downloaded and saved earlier – Then click on Upload button, wait , it may take some time to upload your Template.

Once uploading is finished, click on preview if everything looks good, save your Template. After that you can adjust and change anything from within the bloggers design itself.

free blogger template

But before replacing your existing template save it first by downloading the template and save in your hard disk, in case anything goes wrong you can restore your old template.Sorry, I should have written this line first.Always back up your Template before you do any editing.

free blogger template

Also remember when you upload the template you will get a warning message.


That the template you are uploading does not have the widgets,gadgets, absence etc or what ever extra gadgets you have uploaded earlier.


Nothing to worry just click to “Keep widgets/gadgets” and you are done. Preview your blog if satisfied save it, if not re size your  template and gadgets, ad sense accordingly and save, and you are done.

This free blogger Template comes as a .rar file with all the ten Templates and you can download it free from HERE

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If you have liked the template please visit the authors page for more resources.

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