Generate Random Texts In Microsoft Word-Trick

Generate Random Texts In Microsoft Word-Trick


     Generate Random Texts       

If you are one of those who uses Microsoft Word regularly, you will find these tricks useful. Turns out that Microsoft Word  has some tricks, which can come in handy.

Many users of MS Word may not even have thought it exists. We can’t call it as Easter Eggs, because its been  already documented. But these Microsoft word tricks are not only FUN but useful too.

TNF has already published an article on Microsoft Word Tricks you didn’t know. With some very useful and handy tricks.

I bet you must have seen those random texts “ Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit” or the good old texts “ The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”. Ever wondered how they produce these random texts?

Here is a short Video on How you can Generate Random Texts in Microsoft word, with just a few key strokes.


What’s the purpose of this ?

People in the teaching profession,if you need to demonstrate, paragraph formatting, or place sentences in columns, or how to continue on subsequent pages etc. You can Generate random texts instantly. Time saving instead of you typing all those by yourself.

This trick will save you a lot of time to generate random texts instantly, instead of typing all that text by yourself.

Yah, forgot to include, For Bloggers, its very handy for demonstration purpose.