Google AdSense: How to maximize your Blogs earning with AdSense

earning with adsense How to Maximize your Blogs Earning  with AdSense (updated)

Google AdSense Ads is one of the best advertising program for a Blog. This is one of the best way to monetize your Blog or website.

Its every Bloggers dream to earn some cash from their Blog. There is certainly potential to make money online through Google AdSense. But the question is how?

Many blogger’s specially beginners, have Google AdSense Ads running, but the earnings are not coming or too less, and gets impatient. It takes time, and time is what they can’t give

Here are some TIPS, to Maximize your Blogs earning with AdSense. 

Tips to maximize your Blogs earning with AdSense:

  • 1: What is your Blog Topic:
    Starting a Blog and writing a few articles and publishing it, is easy. But what is the primary focus of your Blog? Google AdSense tends to work best on Blogs that has a specific topic, not just random articles.

    So its important to make your blog’s topic more focused. This will signal AdSense Ads what to be displayed on your Blog. Remember Ads not related to the article that you write will have very little click through and less earning.

  • 2: Be Consistent and be focused on your Content:
    Google pays more importance on Blogs which are updated regularly. I am not saying that you should update your blog daily( better if you can do so).

    Remember Google serves Ads based on your page content. So more focused your content is on the topic, better Google Ads placement will be, relevant to your article and will increase the likelihood that your readers will click.
  • 3: Work Hard to Increase your Blog Traffic:
    Can not emphasize more on this. The more visitors you have the more potential for clicks on your Google AdSense Ads. I have already talked about how to increase your Blog’s traffic which in turn will boost Ads click thorough. 

    If your blog content is consistent and regular, your regular blog readers and returning visitors will increase, there by increasing the chances of getting your Ads clicked.

    4: Focus on your Keywords: Your main Concern:
    Focused Keywords, the most important factor for Blog traffic and AdSense. Keywords are that important not only for Google AdSense program but even Advertisers bid on Keywords relevant to their business.

    Some keywords are said to be more popular than others therefore attracts higher bids. So higher bids keywords also means higher payouts. So research and test your content keywords. Use Google AdWords Tool to research for keywords for topics you plan to write.

  • 5: Research on Best Google Ads Placement on your Blog:
    Is there really any truth that, where you place those Google AdSense ads can actually increase your earning with AdSense. Successful bloggers and experience says “YES”.

    In fact Google’s AdSense experts says that there is a direct correlation between the placement of the AdSense ads and the resulting click through. The so called HEAT MAP illustration from Google itself tells the story.

    As shown below, certain locations tend to be more successful than others. This is keeping in view the blog readers eye movement and most likely place to click.
    earning with adsense 

This “Heat map” illustrates the ideal placing of ads on a sample page layout. The colors fades from darker to lighter colors. The dark colored region indicates the strongest performing area and lighter color areas weakest performing area of a page.

You can display Google AdSense Ads anywhere on your blog. I suggest test variety of positions on your site and determine which Ads positions works best for your blog. Use  Google Analytics.

Final TIP:

  • Google AdSense pays more importance on self hosted sites. If your blog is not a self hosted one. Give it a thought, find a good host and transfer your blog.
  • Stick to Google’s TOC. Know how many Google AdSense can we display in a single post page. Don’t clutter your page with Advertisers Ads which distracts your readers.
  • Always be on alert. Track your blogs performance through Google Analytics or similar tools. See how your keywords are performing. Check your Ads placements performance periodically and change if required.

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