Google Chrome For Mac Free Download

Google Chrome For Mac Free Download


Google Chrome has been and still the most popular web browser, because of its minimalistic design and availability across multiple platforms.

Google chrome combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology for faster and safer web browsing.

Salient features: Google Chrome For Mac

1. Safe Browsing: Chrome alerts you if you’re trying to access a potentially harmful  website,
for example sites that may harbor malware or a phishing scam. Google Chrome can manage your passwords for websites: When you sign in to a website, Chrome asks if you want to save your password. This is a very useful feature, if you need to login frequently like Facebook, Gmail etc.

2: Syncs across devices: Chrome is available across multiple platforms, including Mac,
Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. Just by signing into Chrome, you can sync your your history ,
bookmarks, and passwords across platforms.

3: Useful add-on / extensions : In the Chrome Web Store, you can find apps, extensions, and
themes to extend the usefulness of Chrome. The store offers everything from dictionaries and games  widgets, created by Google and third­ party developers. If you are a Blogger here are the Top 5 SEO extensions for Google Chrome, you will find useful.

4: The omnibox: Minimalistic design of Google Chrome combines the search and address fields into a single field called the omnibox, allowing you to enter Web addresses and search queries in the same field.

To Enjoy browsing with Google Chrome, Here are Top 10 Tips to master Google Chrome.

The Downside:

Google chrome is known for its need for memory and power. Google has attempted to address this issue with subsequent updates. And as of now its at a manageable range.

Conclusion: Apart from the memory usage issue, Google chrome’s minimalistic design, syncing across multiple platforms and safer browsing, makes it a solid choice as a Web browser.