Google Chrome Showing Strike Through Line | Solved

Google Chrome Showing Strike Through Line | Solved

Google Chrome showing Strike Through Line in Links Problem

A peculiar problem I noticed, some Links on my page had strike through appearing on them like this. I know this appears if  the Link is broken. I checked all those links having strike through all were working well, which means no broken links.

Surprisingly these strike throughs were not appearing in Firefox or Internet explorer. These strike through appeared only in Google Chrome browser.

I re-installed Google Chrome, but the problem persisted. So I did some digging, since now I know that the problem is with Google Chrome and not with the links. I started by deactivating all the extensions and than re-activating one by one to catch the culprit. After sometime I found the answer.

The culprit was the “SEO Quake” an extension for Google chrome which I installed recently. SEO quake is a very useful chrome extension which gives you a detailed report of a web page like the page information, Google page rank, Alexa rank,density, diagnosis, etc . and many more information’s which helps to SEO optimize your site. Well that’s another story.

Here’s How you can Fix this Strike through problem in Chrome:

If you have installed this SEO quake plugin which is an extension available for both Chrome and Firefox. SEO quake can be identified from the icon just next to the address bar of your browser.


Click on the Icon which will show the menu for SEO quake as a drop down menu. By default certain options are checked/turned on in the menu and one of them is “Highlight no-follow” just uncheck this option to turn it off by clicking on it. Now refresh your page the strike through will have disappeared.

This action applies to Chrome on a mac or windows.

So that’s it, A very simple problem and a much simpler way to correct it. If you are using SEO quake extension on mac or windows just turn off the “Highlight no-follow” option

I hope this is helpful.


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  1. So grateful to you for this, Ben – when I first noticed it I thought I had a problem with my website, then realised it was something to do with Chrome but couldn’t figure out what it was, which was very frustrating – nice to have a mystery solved – cheers 🙂


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