Hibernate Option button Missing in Windows 7

Hibernate Option button Missing in Windows 7

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Hibernate Option button Missing in Windows 7

How to re-enable the missing Hibernate option button in windows?
In windows XP enabling the hibernate option is easy, but in windows 7 we need to follow a little different approach to do the same job. Hibernation is a power saving mode designed primarily for the Laptops but can also be enabled in desktop computers. In hibernation mode all your open documents, programs remains safe even if the system is turned off, so when you re-start your system you are back to where you left with all your programs and half done work as it is. Hibernation mode do not consume any battery, unlike in sleep mode which consumes little amount of battery.

The Hibernate button can disappear after a disk cleanup or if you have deleted the hibernate file, in such case you will not see the hibernate option on the right side of the shut down button. You can re-enable the hibernate option button in windows by two methods. But before that you may like to read “How to put your Laptop  to hibernate automatically when you close the LID”

METHOD: 1   Click on start button and on the search box type “cmd” from the menu right click on the cmd program and choose to “Run as administrator” In the command prompt window type “ powercfg /hibernate on

Hibernate Option button Missing in Windows 7

than press enter and exit from the command prompt. Now check again, if the hibernate button reappears than you are done, if not follow the second method. 

METHOD: 2   If the first method doesn’t work than, go to > control panel > Power options > change Plan settings  > Hibernate Option button Missing in Windows 7 > than click on Change Advanced Power settings > Hibernate Option button Missing in Windows 7  than you will get the “ Power options” window, here scroll down and under the “ Allow Hybrid sleep” option click on the “ + “ sign to expand here you must make sure both the options “ On battery” and “ Plugged in” is disabled, that is in “ OFF” mode than click on OK and save your settings ( see the image below”). Hibernate Option button Missing in Windows 7


After this the Hibernate option will be re-enabled under windows shut down menu.  

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