How do you put Your laptop into hibernation Automatically


laptop into hibernation

How to make your laptop go into hibernation mode automatically after closing the Lid.

You may have such situation, when you just need to close the Lid of your Laptop and go. If you did not configure your laptop what to do when you close the Lid. There is every chance that you may loss what ever you were working on at the time.

Keeping your Laptop in SLEEP mode might work if you are going for a few minutes, but for  longer periods its not advisable.

Because Sleep mode utilizes your Laptop battery. So the best thing to do is to put your laptop into hibernation Automatically.

This way you don’t lose your work. And the next time when you press on the power on button your laptop will wake up in the same window where you left with all your work window open. But you have to configure your laptop power options first.

So how do you activate it to let your laptop into hibernation mode on closing the lid.

Follow these steps To activate and make your laptop into hibernation Automatically when you close the Laptop Lid:

  1. open Control Panel – click on “Power options” icon

laptop into hibernation
2. In the “ Select power plan Window on the left panel click onChoose what closing the Lid does

laptop into hibernation

3. on the next window that opens”Define power buttons and turn on password protection” under the “Power and sleep buttons and Lid settings” you will see three options.

Under the third option “When I close the Lid” click on the drop down button on both the category “On battery and “Plugged in “ you will get four options as [ Do nothing/Sleep/Hibernate/Shutdown ] click on HIBERNATE and than click on Save changes, Apply and OK.

laptop into hibernation

That’s it, next time when you are in a hurry or need to relax, just close your Laptop lid, your system will go in to hibernation mode, and when you press the power button, you are back where you left with all you work window open exactly as you left.

Unlike Sleep Mode, Hibernation mode do not utilize any battery power
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