How to Add Drop Caps to paragraphs In Word 2007


How to Add Drop Caps to paragraphs in word, to Add more emphasis and stylize your document in Word 2007. Drop caps are those big Letters at the beginning of a document or paragraphs, which makes the document look really professional. This can be done very easily with just a few clicks.


Click on the beginning of the paragraph where you want to emphasize with a drop cap. Click to insert the mouse curser at the beginning of the paragraph.

                   Add Drop Caps to paragraphs In Word           


        From the word menu(ribbon) click on Insert tab. 


Add Drop Caps to paragraphs In Word


From the insert menu, on the extreme right click on the “Drop Cap”. 



Add Drop Caps to paragraphs In Word



You will get three presets None, Dropped, In Margin and Drop cap options. If you move down your mouse over each options you will see instant live preview in your document. By default it will drop by three lines as you can see in the below example.



But if you are not satisfied with the default settings, you can customize by clicking on the Drop cap options. In the options screen you can change the font, the number of lines to drop and also distant from the Text( position). Although I feel the default three line drop is perfect and looks good too.

Here are some examples of Drop cap used in a paragraph

Add Drop Caps to paragraphs In Word

Add Drop Caps to paragraphs In Word

TIP: Although using Drop Cap in paragraphs makes your document looks very professional. Do not use it in every paragraph, as it will do more harm than good. Use it sparingly.

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