How to Add category As Tabs To Bloggers Navigation Bar

How to Add category As Tabs To Bloggers Navigation Bar

Add category As Tabs To Bloggers Navigation Bar 

How do i add My Labels (Category) as Tabs? “on the horizontal navigation bar” that will show all the posts that fall under a subject or category in Blogger?

How to Add category As Tabs To Bloggers Navigation Bar

This one question have been bothering me for quite sometime.With the number of Posts increasing the Labels list has been growing longer, taking up my side Bar completely.If you search the net on this topic “How to add Labels as Tabs on the Navigation Bar” you will get thousands of pages and I found in almost all, you need to put some codes in your Blogger template to achieve that.

For some reason I didn’t  wanted to fiddle around with my Template HTML unless its REALLY necessary.So I came up with this very simple method (with some help) of Placing all your LABELS as TABS to the Bloggers Navigation bar,(shown above) that will show all your posts under that particular Category.

Today I’m going to share this very simple TIP, just follow this step by step instruction.

But before that, I hope you have read this article on “How to Label your Blog posts the right way” 
This is important to achieve the purpose of this tutorial.If you have done the right way than you already have your “Major Categories” of Labels for Posts. If not, than do the following steps first.

First of all write down the names of CATEGORIES you are going to have (assuming you have a variety of posts under different categories).Just for example, lets say you have identified four different types of categories of POSTS as Label-1, Label-2, Label-3, and Label-4. This is just an example,you can name your categories according to the topics you write (More on that later).


  Log on to your Blogger account- go to Posts- here you will see all your Posts already Published.Now select by putting check marks in all the posts that you want to put under the category LABEL-1 (example only).Than on the top click on the drop down menu on the label “Labels”, here select “New Label” as shown below.
How to Add category As Tabs To Bloggers Navigation Bar

On the Label Box type your Labels name, here as an example “Label-1” than click OK, you will see all your selected post will have the label “Label-1” along with the other labels, which you have already labeled.Here the label “LABEL-1” is your Major Label category having a certain number of Posts under this subject.Like wise you can categorize remaining posts under different categories.But before you select other posts for your second category, first de-select all posts and than select the posts for the second category, do this every time you need to select posts for different category. Was that confusing ? Don’t worry I know you are smart enough to do that.

Now that you have successfully labeled all your posts (Major category)- go to Lay out on your blogger’s dashboard- Click on “Add a Gadget” from the gadget menu add a “LABELS” gadget, name the gadget as CATEGORY.(Doesn’t matter if you don’t name it also, this is just to differentiate it from other gadgets that you may have)

How to Add category As Tabs To Bloggers Navigation Bar
How to Add category As Tabs To Bloggers Navigation Bar

Now on your Blogger Lay out window drag this Gadget and place it just under your Blog title as shown below.
How to Add category As Tabs To Bloggers Navigation Bar
Now click on “Save arrangement” your Label gadget is now in place.Now click on the edit menu of your “Category” label gadget, here click on Edit and you will see the complete list of Labels for all your published posts, by default all will be selected, de-select all.
Click on “Selected Labels” and on “Display” as list, than scroll down to the list of Labels, here you will see (example) several posts under “LABEL-1”, LABEL-2 etc. depending on the number of posts you selected earlier.

How to Add category As Tabs To Bloggers Navigation Bar

Select all the MAJOR CATEGORY labels(as shown above, this is my label gadget where you can see I have 31 posts under the major category SOFTWARE), for the purpose of this tutorial we made 4 major category, in your case it could less or more.After you have selected all the Major category Labels, at the bottom click on “DONE” than click on “SAVE”. That’s it, Now you can preview your Blog and you will see your labels appearing as Tabs just below your Blog title.When you click on any of the Tabs it will show all the posts under that particular Label only.

One Last point, You can have a maximum of 5 or 6 Major category Tabs, more than that spills over , of course that depends on the width of your Template.

Well, I enjoyed writing this post.Was it helpful ? I have already implemented in my Blog as you can see. Very simple to do it and doesn’t require you to add any extra code.At any time if you don’t want it you simply delete the category label gadget and its gone.If you have enjoyed this post, may be you would like to subscribe for free E-mail notification for all new posts and updates.

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