How To Block Certain Websites On Your Network

How To Block Certain Websites On Your Network


Block Certain Websites On Your NetworkIf you have a network either at office or home and want block certain websites on your network. You can do so easily with this step by step simple guide. If you have a Wi-Fi router at home, for internet sharing on laptop, smartphones, tablets etc. As a parental control, you can block certain websites on your from your router itself. You don’t need to install any extra parental control software.

Step by step guide to Block Certain Websites on your Network:

In order to block a website on your office or home network, you can make use of the router’s built in Firewall features. You router’s built in internal firewall is very effective. If any one tries to access a blocked URl will get a “this website is not available” information.

You can block specific websites by entering the URL of the site. You can also block multiple sites by barring certain keywords. For example if you block ‘www. users will only be blocked out from that particular website. But if you block the keyword ‘Torrent’, users will not be able to access any site that has the word or characters ‘torrent’ in it.

The steps shown here is for “Edimax” router. It may differ from router to router, but the basic steps will be almost same and should not be difficult.

In order to do so, login to your router with admin privileges. The router IP address could be, please consult with your router manual for your router’s IP address.
Block Certain Websites On Your Network

Look for the filter section, it could be named as “website filter” , “parental controls” or something similar. You may also look for general settings > Advanced settings > Firewall > URL blocking > Enable URL blocking > here you can either enter the website URL one by one (those websites you want to block) or as mentioned above you can enter specific Keywords. Apply your settings and the router will restart. If you do not find any such settings, please update your routers firmware.

Now when anyone tries to access the blocked website, or tries to access any website having the keyword you have specified, the browser will display “the website can not be accessed” page.

That’s it, very simple and the best way to Block certain websites on your network. I found this to be very helpful to as a parental control.