How To Block Someone In Facebook

How To Block Someone In Facebook

How To Block Someone In Facebook

How to block someone in Facebook, if you do not want to have any connection with him or her ?

Question is why would you want to block some one in Facebook ? Obviously that someone is in your friend list. Because either you sent a friends request or received a friends request and you accepted.

But a time may come when you may want to block someone in Facebook, for reasons, you know best. Just for example your ex-spouse, former friend, your boss. Your ex boy friend or girl friend, with you don’t want to have any connection. These are just a few examples. You may have your own reasons.

Just remember this is a pretty drastic step. You will disappear from his or her Facebook world completely. That someone will never find you in Facebook, even if he or she searches for you on Facebook. In virtual sense, you are dead to him or her.

If you later decide to add him or her back. Removing block will not restore the friends connection. The only way to restore friendship that you blocked, is for you to send a friends request to restore. He or she will not be able to initiate.

And of course the person wont be notified that he or she has been blocked.

So if you have decided to block someone in we go

3 Ways on How To Block Someone In Facebook:

METHOD1: Click this icon How To Block Someone In Facebook at the top right of your Facebook page. You will get these options.
How To Block Someone In Facebook



Click on “ How do I stop someone from bothering me”. You will be given the option to either enter the name or the E-mail.

Enter the exact name as it appears on your friends list. And than click on “Block”



How To Block Someone In FacebookMETHOD 2: If you cant find the name of the person you want to block with this method. Go to his or her profile page.

In his or her Facebook page click on this How To Block Someone In Facebookmenu on their timeline photo, and select Block. See the image .



METHOD 3: On your Facebook page click on the drop down arrow in the top right corner. From the options click on “Settings” > under settings click on “blocking” in the left panel > under Block users enter the name or E-mail and click on Block.

NOTE: Blocking is reciprocal. So once you block someone in Facebook, both of you can no longer see things posted on timeline, tag, invite to events or groups, start a conversation. But this does not include apps, games or groups you both participate in.