How To Check Airtel 4G LTE Data Balance

How To Check Airtel 4G LTE Data Balance

                    Check Airtel 4G LTE Data Balance

Airtel is one of largest cellular service provider. Airtel  is the first operator to give the next generation (4G) fastest Internet connectivity.

Unlike Airtel 3G service, where you could easily check by clicking on Usage. Airtel has changed the way to Check Airtel 4G LTE Data Balance, in the Dongle. Not so user friendly and added a few steps extra, just to check 4G LTE data usage balance. 

Here’s How to Check Airtel 4G LTE data balance:

To view or check Airtel 4G LTE data balance, you will have to login to “My airtel account

Quick Link: .

This will take you to the Login page.


Here enter your Airtel USIM number in the box provided. And click on on the box “Password/OTP. Airtel will send the O.T.P (one time password) on your phone or as SMS on the Airtel connection manager tool, on your PC or laptop, (if you are using wi-fi dongle). Which you need to enter in the space provided for OTP. You can also login with your Facebook or Google account here. 

Once logged in, you can access your account information. Your Account information page will look like this.

             Check Airtel 4G LTE Data Balance 

On the account page you will see all information about your Airtel 4G LTE data.

Information’s like, USIM number, Account status, data usage balance, validity, recharge history etc.

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