How to Check your Hard Disk for Bad sectors and Problems

How to Check your Hard Disk for Bad sectors and Problems

How to Check your Hard Disk for Bad sectors and Problems.

how to check your hard disk for bad sectorsHow to check your hard disk for bad sectors, and problems ? Computer hardware has a maximum life time of 5 years, depending on usage pattern. Hard disk is the most active component of a computer, spinning all the time with constant read write activity as you use your computer.

If your PC is more than 2 to 3 years old, than you must check your hard disk periodically for any problems like bad sectors before it starts to fail or crash, so that you get enough time to back up your valuable data’s.

What is Hard Disk Bad Sector?

Computer Hard disks are divided in to sectors,where data’s are constantly written and erased, as you install and un-install programs or copy files or delete files. Bad sector in a Hard drive, is a Data sector which can not be used due to permanent damage, that is physically damaged.

No data can be written or read from a damaged sector, as the operating system marks that sector as unusable. If unattended, over the time the number of Bad sectors increases,your system may become slow and unstable and crash without warning.

For example,if a drive has an unreadable block where the Master Boot Record is located, this will cause the system to hang on boot. If you have faced such events, better check your hard disk for bad sectors.


WINDOWS SURFACE SCANNER   is a free windows software, a fast utility that can scan your Hard drives for any physical errors.This software does a thorough surface scan of your Hard disk sector by sector for any read errors and reports them if found.

This software is considerably faster than the Windows built in checker and the scan can be performed from within Windows without requiring a reboot.
how to check your hard disk for bad sectors

After opening the program, in the upper section just below the DTI banner, you will see a box labeled as “Physical Media List”. This box lists all the available Hard disk on your system.To list all the Hard drive attached to your system Click on the “Mount” button in the main Window.

Than Press the “Scan” button to begin the scanning process. If the software finds any read error sectors under the currently scanning disk, it will be displayed under the “Bad Block List section”

 Why Use This utility Software ?

This Utility Windows Surface Scanner, is purely a diagnostic software. The main reason why you should use this software is for quick diagnosis, and prepare for data back up and if necessary replace your hard disk depending upon the number of bad sector it detects.

If the Bad sector scanning results gets plenty of bad sectors on your drive, than its time you should consider data back up first or try a Disk defragmenter to fix the read errors. But My advice would be don’t take chances, back up your important data’s and replace your Disk at the earliest.
Download the Latest Version of WINDOWS SURFACE SCANNER

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