How To Delete A Blog In Blogger Blogspot

 Blogger’s Blogspot and are two very popular, for Free webhosting platform. Many bloggers prefer to start a blog in one of these free hosting platform initially.

Both are equally good. Though there are pros and cons on both, but we can’t complain when its free, can we?

Personally though I prefer Blogspot ( I have my reasons for that). I too started my Blog in Blogger’s Blogspot initially. After a year or so, shifted to self hosted wordpress site.

If you have a blog in blogger blogspot and for any reason decide to delete the blog. Below is a short video guide, how to delete a blog in blogger blogspot.

Now you may ask why should one delete a blog ?. Well the reasons could be anything. Like for example, to maintain a blog is definitely not easy. To have a good standing you have to write regularly, which many blogger fail to do so. And finally just give up.

Secondly, if your blog is doing well, its always a good idea to host your blog on a self hosted site. Self hosted sites have a better reputation and ranks well in Google SERP. So when you shift your blog to a self hosted site, you have two options, either redirect your old blogspot blog to the new self hosted site so your readers are not disappointed. Alternately you can delete the blogspot blog, or you end up with duplicate content. 

Having said that if you are planning for a self hosted site, you can read this webhosting review for newbies.

How To Delete A Blog In Blogger Blogspot: