How To Detect Fake Facebook Profile

How to know and detect fake Facebook profile ? Facebook is one of the largest social networking site. If you have a Facebook profile, I am sure you must be getting lots of friends request. Guys usually gets more friends request from girls.

But how can you know whether its a fake or real Facebook profile. How to detect fake facebook profile ? So next time you get a friends request with a beautiful girl photo, beware before you click on the “Accept” tab, it could be a fake facebook profile.

Don’t worry, we will show you how to detect fake Facebook profile.

Simple method to detect fake facebook profile.

       Detect Fake Facebook Profile

Click on the name to go to the persons facebook page. Here is an example of a facebook profile named as Lema Noori, and we need to verify if this account is real.

First step is to go to On this page, click on the Camera icon ( search by image)

       Detect Fake Facebook Profile

And you will get this pop up option.

        Detect Fake Facebook Profile

Next step, now go to the profile page of the person, right click on the image and from the option select and click on the “Copy image URL“. This will copy the image URL.

Now go to the page, and right click on the box and paste the image URL.

        Detect Fake Facebook Profile

Now press enter or click on the search by image tab and Google will show you all related image search result.

         Detect Fake Facebook Profile

Now you will be able to see if the Facebook profile is Fake or real.

So here is a proof that this profile which we have just checked is fake Facebook profile. As you can see from search result above.

So next time you get a friends request from a beautiful woman or a smart looking person…check if its fake or real Facebook profile. Be-aware there are lots of fake Facebook profiles out there.

These persons might be spy, who may try to steal your personal information’s, photos etc. so be safe…. 


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