How to Disable Autorun in Pen drive and USB drives

How to Disable Autorun  Feature in Pen drives and USB flash drives and protect your Computer from Viruses

how to disable autorun(Updated)
How to completely disable Autorun feature of Windows. By default whenever you insert a USB device on your computer,the system tries to read (autorun) the attached USB device.

Windows opens a dialog box giving you the option either to open a folder or play a music file,movie. This depends upon the content on the USB device.

This feature (Autorun) is convenient, since you don’t need to open your windows explorer, to explore the content.

But this may be a great security risk. This feature of windows does have drawbacks too. Specially with your USB flash drives, your Pen drives,memory cards etc. If the connected USB device is infected with a virus or spyware, it gets automatically activated and gains entry on to your system without your knowledge. 

Its always a good idea to disable the Autorun Feature

So How to Disable Autorun , feature in Windows 

  • In windows 7 click on start and in the search box type “gpedit.msc”, in windows XP click on startrun – than type “gpedit .msc”
  • In the Group policy (gpedit) window that opens, on the left panel under “Computer configuration” click on “Administrative Template” than on “Windows components” to expand

how to disable autorun
Under “Windows components” double click on “Auto play policies” this will open options on the right panel of the “Local group policy Editor” window, as shown below.

  • how to disable autorun
  • On this panel double click on “Turn off auto play” then you will get this window.
  • how to disable autorun
  • As it is, by default its not configured as shown above. Click on the Radio button that says “Enabled”. after which you will see the following option below

  • how to disable autorun
  • From the option select “All drives”, than click Apply than OK. You are done.From now on whenever you insert/connect any USB devices on to your Computer, Windows will do nothing. It is safer to turn off Auto play to safe guard your PC from getting infected from viruses and Malware from USB flash drives. Even from your phone and camera memory cards. This becomes even more important if you share your Pen drives regularly with other PCs.
Alternatively you can install software (FREEWARE) on your computer to protect from viruses and Malware from infected USB flash drives ,Pen drives.

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  1. Good job writing How to Disable Autorun in Pen drive and USB drives – Tips And Freeware. I’d like to learn more on this matter.

  2. download and install 7-zip and then use it to go thrugoh the recyler folder in ur pen drive and then delete it.note:delete it after about 3min after pluging your pen drive into the computer

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