How To Download YouTube Videos | The Safest Way

How To Download YouTube Videos | The Safest Way

download youtube videos

YouTube ? Do we need to say more about this Website ?

While YouTube is not the only user generated video sharing site on the web. Yet, talk about video uploading and sharing, YouTube is the only site that comes in our mind. Such is the command and presence this website has.

According to (which ranks websites worldwide) YouTube ranks third as worlds most popular site,just behind Facebook and Google.

So much for YouTube ! lets dive in to the topic, how to download YouTube videos.

The Fastest and the best way : If you prefer to watch, we also have a video tutorial which you can watch below. But if you prefer to read ,please scroll down.

There are of course numerous ways to download YouTube videos. You probably already know some of those methods. But beware some of these methods are dubious and also malware ridden.(I have personally experienced that).  We at TNF also have posted on how to download high quality YouTube video.

But wait, today we will share about a site which does just that, download YouTube videos, that too in any quality you choose..Read on..

File2HD is a website, well better described as a FREE service, to download YouTube videos, for free. I have been using it for quite sometime now ..successfully.

Just go to this site File2HD, on the landing page, copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video, you want to download. You can directly copy the YouTube video URL from your browser address bar and paste.

There are two things don’t forget, be sure to check the box that says “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service”.or it wont allow to download. There are many files options to download (if you need them). Be sure to click on the “Movie” button, if you want to download only the YouTube video. See the image below.

download youtube videos

After that click on the “Get files” button. After a few seconds the site will display all the resolution available for download.

    download youtube videos

From Low quality 144p to standard quality 240p/360p to HD quality 720p. Just click on the quality you want to download, it will ask for file save location, enter it and the download will start immediately.

That’s it, quality service for free, to download YouTube videos.