How To Easily Root An Android Device

How To Easily Root An Android Device


          Root An Android Device

Few days back I wrote an article on What is rooting on Android means. In short rooting Android device means, all limitations are removed and you get the privilege of a super user.Which means you can do just about anything with your Android Phone

Today lets discuss how to easily root an Android device. We will be using a Freeware tool called Kingo Android Root. This tool offers every Android user the easiest one click method to root any Android devices.

How to Root An Android Device with this Tool:

Before we proceed with the method to root an android device make sure
1: Your device is powered on.
2: Battery level is at least at 50% or above.
3: Internet connection is available.
4: USB cable to connect to your PC is available.

Below is a Short Video Tutorial on How to use KINGO ANDROID ROOT Tool

Didn’t like the Video? Than read on….

Step 1: First download and install the Freeware Kingo Android Root. This is a freeware, just download from the above link and install it.

Step 2: Click on the installed icon to launch Kingo Android root. Once launched you will see the following interface.

               Root An Android Device

Step 3: Plug the Android Device Via the USB cable
If the device driver is not installed on your computer, Kingo Android root will install it automatically. Make sure that your internet connection is active.

Step 4: Enable USB debugging mode on your Android Device. USB debugging mode is necessary for Android rooting process.

IMPORTANT: Once USB debugging is enabled, pay attention to your device screen for prompts. Make sure that you check the box “Always allow from this computer”. If not your device will be shown as Offline Device and rooting will not work.

Step 5: Please read the notification displayed by the Kingo Android Root tool. All are self explanatory. Please remember Android rooting is not a big thing, but Rooting your Android Device will immediately void your devices warranty.

          Root An Android Device
So Proceed to root your Android Device with caution and at your own Risk.

Step 6: Click on ROOT to start rooting Android device:
          Kingo Android Root tool will start the process of rooting Android device, which may take a couple of minutes. During the process your device may reboot several times, this is perfectly normal. Once the process of rooting begins do not touch, move, unplug or perform any operation on your device.

            Root An Android Device

Step 7: Click FINISH:
After completion of rooting you will get the message “ Root Succeeded ! Root Succeeded ! Please reboot your device to make it more stable”.

            Root An Android Device

Kingo Android Root software is one of the best Android Root Software. It supports almost all Android devices and versions. If your device is not supported by Kingo Android Root tool, or it fails to root, you can read the following TIPS to troubleshoot.

1: Kingo App Troubleshoot.
2: Save a Log File.
3: E-Mail for support 

All Pics in this post are from Kingo Android Root web.

Disclaimer: This Post is for educational purpose only.Root android phone at your own risk. The author will not be held responsible for any damage to the device by using the tool described in this article.