How To Enable JavaScript In Web Browser Google Chrome

How To Enable JavaScript In Web Browser Google Chrome

Enable JavaScript in Google Chrome.

A lot of websites use JavaScript as a part of their core functionality. If you browse the Internet without JavaScript enabled, you may not get the full experience. Some websites may not even work properly.

Basically JavaScript is a programming language, that website developers can use as a part of creating websites.

This guide will help you through on how to enable JavaScript in Google Chrome, with screen shots. These screen shots are taken on a windows 8.1 computer, but the process is the same for Mac OS X.

If you prefer a Video Tutorial, we have one..

Step 1: Customize & Control

          Enable JavaScript

Click on the Customize and Control button, the three DOTS on the extreme right of Chrome browser.

This will open the Chrome menu, with plenty of options. At the bottom click on the “Settings” menu

Step 2: Click on the Settings Menu

Enable JavaScript

Google Chrome settings window will now open.

3: Search for JavaScript Settings.

Enable JavaScript

In the settings window there is a search box. Type “JavaScript” there. As you type Chrome settings window will start changing

It will show the “Privacy” section and the content settings button will show the yellow “JavaScript” callout.


Enable JavaScript

Step 4: Change JavaScript Settings ( Enable JavaScript )

Now you will be presented with the JavaScript settings.

Here choose the option “Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended) button. In this page you can also disable JavaScript completely on Google Chrome if you choose to do so.

Bur if you want to enable JavaScript on certain websites only, you can use the “Manage exception” option to control on which websites JavaScript will run.

Well, once you have clicked to enable JavaScript, click on the “Done” button to confirm and save your settings.

You can now close this tab/window and resume browsing with JavaScript enabled on Google Chrome.