How To Find IP Address Of Router

How To Find IP Address Of Router

find ip address of router

If you are installing a new router, or need to upgrade firmware of your existing router, or need to secure your network with a stronger password.

For all this you need to know the  IP address of router, in order to excess the routers various settings.

The default IP address of most of the routers is or or in some cases it could be It could also be possible, that you may have changed the router IP address and now you can not remember.

What ever may be the reason, its not difficult to find ip address of router. There are two very easy ways with which you can easily find ip address of router.

Two Methods to find IP Address of Router:

Method 1 : Click on start > in the search box type “cmd” > click on “CMD” to open the windows command prompt window. Now type the following command and press enter.(copy paste the command) 

cmd /k ipconfig

Windows will show several figures. But our point of interest is the IP address shown under the first “default gateway” is the routers IP address as shown in the screenshot below.
find ip address of router

Method 2: Open the command prompt again as above and this time type the following and press enter. 

cmd /k tracert

Windows will make several hops. The IP address listed in the first hop of the traceroute log is your routers IP address. As shown in this screen shot.
              find ip address of router

Notice in both the cases the router IP address is correctly listed as In my case it is Edimax router.

In 99.9 % of cases this will work. If the above two methods doesn’t work. Than you have to reset your router by pressing the router’s reset button for ten seconds. This will change its IP address back to You can also Google your router name and model number to get the correct IP address.

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